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  • She had never attended a funeral.
  • She never attended a bull-fight.
  • And lastly he attended a supper and made a speech.
  • Gretchen attended a short afternoon concert on campus.
  • And they attended a great "vendue" too.
  • In the evening we attended a Japanese theatre.
  • I attended a banquet given him there on October 26th.
  • Forty years ago I attended a certain Retreat.
  • In 1832, I attended a Miss M., sick of fever.
  • Neale had denied ever having attended a circus as a spectator.
  • In the evening he went out and attended a temperance lecture.
  • I attended a child's funeral yesterday afternoon.
  • At one time he attended a missionary meeting near Harrowgate.
  • This officer attended a Turkish hospital to have an ulcer in his leg dressed.
  • During his early years he attended a day-school near his home in Alexandria.
  • We attended a short, intoned Buddhist service in one of the temples.
  • After lunch, I attended a seminar conducted by one of the students.
  • This eloquent divine, while at Edinburgh, attended a public execution.
  • In the evening we attended a fine concert in the Public Gardens.
  • In Europe she attended a very exclusive and rather advanced school in Brussels.
  • While waiting to be exchanged he attended a school in Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Shortly thereafter I attended a third funeral, this time a Turkish one.
  • In the meantime, David attended a school in Chester, Pennsylvania.
  • Then all the garrison attended a 'Te Deum' in the chapel of St. Nicholas.

How To Use Attended A In A Sentence?

  • If you attended a service in any of these you would not know any difference between them.
  • It has since been said by the friends that they never attended a more interesting funeral.
  • He attended a dance one night in company with some of the neighbor boys at a village near by.
  • I looked for a burst of applause such as had before attended a good thrust home, but none came.
  • It was while taking these lessons that he attended a concert given by Moscheles.
  • He even contemplated taking orders, and attended a theological course for two years.
  • Never before in the memory of students had Prexy attended a sophomore-freshman ball.
  • I remember well the first time Will and myself attended a theatrical performance.
  • It was the bill of the opera I had attended a few evenings before my departure from Lima.
  • The chance presented itself, as he thought, when one night he attended a ball at the Windsor.
  • At night, Johnny attended a school, and picked up knowledge as a chicken picks up corn.
  • On June 12 Kurz attended a sacred dance performed for the benefit of a wounded man.
  • A few months ago I attended a banquet and left it as I always leave such functions, hungry.
  • She hasn't paid her dues, and, as far as I can make out, she hasn't attended a single meeting.
  • Her two little girls had attended a Methodist Sunday school, and there learned of Jesus.
  • Some years ago I attended a practice of the boys, under the late Rev. Thomas Helmore.
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