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How To Use Attending The In A Sentence?

  • He can and does do more useful work when attending the poor and sickly than in any other way.
  • The magic phenomena attending the disease were of the most extraordinary character.
  • The great difficulty attending the sport is the exceedingly boggy nature of the ground.
  • The bride is accompanied by the four best men; the groom is attending the bridesmaids.
  • The number attending the high schools is about 20,000, a little more than half of whom are boys.
  • There is a large crowd of ladies and gentlemen at the Point attending the examinations.
  • The bishop should have been present, but he was attending the king at Windshore.
  • The disquiet indicated resembles rather that attending the uncertainties of the Nile campaign.
  • She was down at the "smelter," attending the fire that was roasting the new clay vessels.
  • He was not attending the funeral, having been only distantly acquainted with the Dyckman family.
  • We shall certainly do so, if we are young ministerial students, attending the University!
  • Mr Spence bent forward and scanned the features of the man who was attending the Wrykinian.
  • The old pastor, De Bruc, found himself unequal to the fatigue and privations attending the work.
  • The circumstances attending the settlement of New Haven were wholly unlike those of New Hampshire.
  • Romola Borria had been truthful; Eileen was attending the university at San Friole.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Attending The | Attending The Sentence

  • How doth it come that he is attending the horses?
  • So you two are attending the meeting too, eh?
  • John Lewis are both here attending the court.
  • We have 73 young ladies now attending the University.
  • Luther delighted in attending the Latin school at Eisenach.
  • Twichell did not have any such trouble in attending the celebration.
  • I have been attending the lectures there and reading during the day.
  • I did not place the danger of attending the meeting very high.
  • There are afflictions and miseries attending the existence of all beings.
  • He's been attending the night school.
  • The girls too were quite fluttered over the prospect of attending the party.
  • The men and boys attending the oxen range themselves around.
  • My business prevented me attending the last meeting of the committee.
  • He next surveys the circumstances attending the progress of wealth.
  • The inconveniences attending the discharge of the piece were almost as great.
  • The number of boys then attending the schools was upwards of sixty thousand.
  • We were attending the corpse in that litter to the city of Segovia.
  • Miss Lauderdale was considerably annoyed at your not attending the meeting.
  • To-day she is attending the ball at the Greek ambassador's.
  • He spoke of the blessing attending the hearing of the Word of God.
  • They made their home with us while attending the University of Melbourne.
  • After this excursion, we ended the day by attending the Korean Theatre.
  • And now, prouder than any queen, she was attending the Lincoln School.
  • It told of his attending the Ontario County Fair for 90 consecutive years.
  • And in another place: I am attending the wife of Mark Twain.
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