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  • My attention was all for the scene at hand.
  • And it was this which attracted my attention at first.
  • They distract his attention and exhaust his patience.
  • Far more serious matters claim our attention first.
  • So we turned our attention to Gregory and Bevans.
  • This question has not escaped the attention of Mr. Hume.
  • Wocher's attention must be called to this.
  • The attention of the whole company was now turned upon the speaker.
  • Then he called my attention to an object lying on the ground at his feet.
  • The shops claimed the ladies' attention one by one.
  • Something about the look of it attracted my attention and I gathered it in.
  • The time demands attention to myself, Nor will be wasted in revenge on you.
  • Having pacified Algiers, Mr. Barlow turned his attention to Tunis.
  • Impossible to pass M. Christofle without paying a moment's attention to him.

How To Use Attention In A Sentence?

  • Another apparition of the road attracted the attention of mine host and his guests.
  • How was it possible to arrest the attention of a man who insisted on talking of prohibition?
  • So far she had given little attention to the strife which was agitating the country.
  • This work is one that challenges attention for its ambitious character and its high aim.
  • We had heard the cannonading in the distance, but paid little attention to it.
  • Frank had done so much that he held their fascinated attention unbroken for well nigh an hour.
  • Joe glanced at them apprehensively, and then gave his undivided attention to the harness mending.
  • Then, turning the attention of the wounded man in another direction, he poised his hatchet.
  • Though some small dirigibles exist, American attention is mainly devoted to aeroplanes.
  • Mr. Osborne was repeatedly warned to leave the country, but he paid no attention to the warnings.
  • But once more I fix my attention on the apple: the desire is awakened, and I conclude to eat it.
  • The desire for fame is only the desire to be continuously conspicuous and attract attention and be talked about.
  • And all this refined torture was so delicately veiled, that it escaped the attention of the ladies altogether.
  • I shall give the gist of the narrative as concisely as a proper attention to its more important phases will allow.
  • If the larger geographical concepts are to have accuracy and richness for the child he must have his attention directed to his surroundings.
  • If you have ever paid any attention to the habits of animals, you will know that donkeys are remarkably cunning in opening gates.
  • The attention of the company was immediately turned to me; if my face had been pale the moment before, it now glowed almost to burning.
  • She gazes with the utmost composure out of the carriage window, bestowing her attention now upon the landscape and now upon the passing peasants.
  • This is likely to lead to very great attention being paid at an early date to anti-aircraft guns and other devices for the defence of aerial bases.
  • Her whole attention was given to the children as they scampered past the hedge, dropping bits of moss and fungi and such like woodland spoil.
  • None of them paid any attention to me, beyond an occasional disinterested glance, until my roving eyes reached a point directly behind me.
  • General Schofield finds so much requiring his attention that he will not be able to take the field in person for some time yet.
  • While I was sketching, my attention was called off for a moment by the cries of birds and the bleatings of sheep.
  • I noticed the same singular, and, as it were, furtive glance over the shoulder that had attracted my attention in the Cassino.
  • Once more I fix my attention on the apple: an agreeable sensation arises in the mind; a desire to eat it is awakened.
  • Do not fail to call attention to the fact that my bad health and other circumstances constrain me to look more closely after my interests than formerly.

Definition of Attention

(uncountable) Mental focus. | (countable) An action or remark expressing concern for or interest in someone or something, especially romantic interest. | (uncountable, military) A state of alertness in the standing position.
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