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How To Use Attesting In A Sentence?

  • Call and read letters from all parts of the country, attesting their wonderful curative powers.
  • The main canal is lined with substantial palaces, attesting to old wealth and comfort.
  • And Browne was the attesting witness to the deed under which Hubert purported to hold.
  • At the end of the fourth month the family doctor was quite busy attesting that she had no tubercular trouble of any sort.
  • The effect was immediate throughout Europe, attesting dearly the contemporary importance attached to sea control.
  • This receipt had to be made in duplicate, one for each army, both officers, as well as the young woman, attesting it with their signatures.
  • When it is morally accused, it is much less as being wrong than as attesting vices of the soul, lightness, presumption, feebleness.
  • The rushing about gave health, glowing cheeks and sparkling eyes attesting that muscles, limbs, and blood were being exercised to a good purpose.
  • But the strangest fact of all was that the attesting witness to this extraordinary instrument was H. Huffman Browne!
  • Certainly they are wary; and this wariness may account, in part, for the scarcity of observations of basking, and statements attesting to their great speed on land.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Attesting | Attesting Sentence

  • The letters attesting each of these experiments are in my possession.
  • FREEMAN attesting witness.
  • And H. Huffman Browne was the attesting witness to both these deeds!
  • HERMAN BOLTE attesting witness.

Definition of Attesting

present participle of attest
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