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  • It was in adjusting our attire that we discovered the necessity and value of our leathern aprons.
  • Hubert recognised in each article of attire a sign that she was determined to carry her point.
  • Put away the garment of vainglory, and divest yourselves of the attire of haughtiness.
  • Presently three maidens entered, to attire their mistress for the evening banquet.
  • Violet put on her black dress, costly and simple as the attire Polonius recommended to his son.
  • Groups of women, in whose attire Turkey red predominated, were on the house roofs.
  • The children in their holiday attire and Band of Hope ribbons run in and out everywhere.
  • Perkins emerged into the light of the lower hallway in a state of informal attire and unsettled temper.
  • It had always seemed to him that women appeared at their worst in the attire which society demands for evening functions.
  • They were running him down street to a telegraph pole when the assistant superintendent appeared in scant attire and stopped them.
  • Almost for the moment she forgot her errand watching this sweet girl in her lovely attire making much of her baby.
  • In spite of the masculinity of her attire the long, supple lines of her body were exquisitely feminine.
  • His seeming effeminacy of attire had been long proved to mark no effeminacy of nature, no lack of strength.
  • To be able to attend minutely to all the details of a most correct mourning attire almost shows signs of recovery from the depth of the sorrow.
  • There was some special bit of Starr's attire for the evening that had not arrived.
  • He was carefully dressed, and a marked point in his attire was the utter absence of everything in the shape of jewellery or ornament.
  • Their office was here supplied by a fairy-footed smiling girl, whose figure and attire partook the elegance of all around.
  • The vestments and ornaments of the priests are very fine, and suggest the attire of the Aaronic priesthood.
  • The rapid walk had brought colour to her check; in her simple mourning attire she looked very interesting, very sweet and girlish.
  • His single concession to sea-faring attire was a yachting cap several sizes too small, perched on his spreading brown curls.
  • The man walked to and fro before me, and I was asked whether his attire was similar to that worn by the murderers.
  • The Sunday attire of the men consists of black calico coats down to the heels, and flopping black trousers.
  • And his self-satisfied manner seemed to imply that, at this hour, evening attire was natural to him, and that he would have assumed it in any case.
  • This attire showed off a rather pretty figure, fine eyes, and handsome eyelids somewhat faded by the weariful life that has been described.
  • Mr. Swartz elevated his brows with surprise, as he looked at the care-worn expression and needy attire of the woman before him.
  • I was tired, but instead of going to bed I dressed myself in my best attire in order to go to the opera without a mask.
  • This strip of cotton cloth, which forms the attire both of men and women, is twisted firmly round the body, and requires no girdle to secure it.
  • Before donning my male attire I went to a barber shop and had my hair cut in real boy style, selling it for the sum of fifteen dollars.
  • From her spring hat down to the toes of her boots there was nothing in her attire that was mannish, but she was of an exquisite daintiness wholly feminine and alluring.
  • Instinct had warned him to abandon, in his hours with Adam Craig, certain picturesque forms of attire in which he delighted.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Attire | Attire Sentence

  • But her attire was not to stand her in good stead now.
  • In this attire he cut a tolerably spectral figure.
  • Suzon qui vous attire au château?
  • For the rest, their attire was rather ludicrous than mean.
  • Collarless men slouched along, filthy of attire and language alike.
  • Mais tu te l'es attiré par ta maudite avarice.
  • Malheureux enfants, vous avez tous deux un nom qui attire le tonnerre.
  • She eyed Mrs. Mann's dirty attire and face.
  • En ce moment, le hibou, attiré par la lumière, passa entre la lanterne et Éva.
  • Presently I will change my attire and my part; then I will be what I was.

Definition of Attire

(transitive) To clothe or adorn. | (clothing) One's dress; what one wears; one's clothes. | (heraldry) The single horn of a deer or stag.
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