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  • That would attract attention.
  • Nevertheless, he did not attract me.
  • The place has little to attract one.
  • I must attract as little attention as possible just now.
  • It's necessary to attract beginners.
  • She spread out her blossoms and endeavoured to attract his attention.
  • They attract by their own charm, and are unrivalled in popularity.
  • Their instinct is wonderful, and they attract the attention of all travellers.
  • The milk-and-water ways of life don't attract me.
  • With novelties your booth supply; Us novelties attract alone.

How To Use Attract In A Sentence?

  • There was nothing about my companion, any more than myself, to attract attention.
  • He had never even in his youth attracted women as less intellectual men attract them.
  • We must show habitual consideration and kindliness towards others if we would attract them to us.
  • The desire for fame is only the desire to be continuously conspicuous and attract attention and be talked about.
  • The two diaphragms of each instrument are kept drawn towards each other because their unlike charges attract each other.
  • American furniture and furnishings soon attract her attention, and she is curious as to their purposes and uses.
  • Your poem will occupy the first page in an elaborate booklet now under way and we hope will attract many customers.
  • Looking from above upon a plain, the poplars which surround villages where there is a sufficiency of water attract the eye.
  • A clear and correct enunciation is essential, but it should not be pedantic, nor should it attract attention to itself.
  • She lay in wait several times without being able to meet him in a way that would not attract attention.
  • A miserable pageant got up merely to attract the unsuspecting foreigner into the web spread for him by extortionate hotel-keepers.
  • This figure acted as though it desired to attract no attention, for it kept as much as possible in the shadows.
  • The town lives by pilgrims and corpses, and the wares displayed to attract the former are more attractive than usual.
  • He coughed nervously to attract the attention of his two prospective prisoners, who seemed to have no eyes for any one but each other.
  • The art of all three is too far above the common level to be popular; it requires too much thinking to attract the superficial.
  • He did not see her, and she jumped up and ran over to the side of the path, holding up an eager hand to attract his attention.
  • On the contrary, her buoyancy, her spirit, were such as to attract the weaker at all times to lean on her for support.
  • The vendors by that time had discovered our childish mania for curios, and brought with them each morning such trinkets as would attract our fancy.
  • Along the upper band should be noticed the curious pounced pattern, and its three massive lily spikes cannot but attract attention.
  • She knew that her uncle would not go to the lake shore with his visitor, for that might attract the attention of some hunter or fisherman.
  • America is evidently attempting to attract some of the devotees of winter sports who usually go to Switzerland.
  • But do not give them orders till late, and let them come up, one by one, so as not to attract attention.
  • A solitary amazon swallowing the dust and the salt spray of the Corniche promenade would attract too much attention.
  • In the one case he was affable, winning, pleasant, full of those agreeable little surprises that in turn attract a woman.
  • One bolder than the rest was making a hissing noise to attract attention, as Norah came out with her oat-cake.
  • A boat passed at the distance of half a mile from the shore, but I tried in vain to attract the notice of the crew.
  • He did not dare to seek shelter under the trees, and, in the open, the steel and iron of his motorcycle might easily attract a lightning stroke.
  • The cold sweat broke out on Mr. Appel and he thought that surely the thumping of his heart must attract their attention.
  • You would think that all the beauties of American scenery, its seashores, lakes, and mountains, will attract her next season.
  • He could attract such unfortunate persons by his outstretched fingers, and force them to follow him in a state of unconsciousness wherever he led them.

Definition of Attract

To pull toward without touching. | To arouse interest. | To draw by moral, emotional or sexual influence; to engage or fix, as the mind, attention, etc.; to invite or allure.
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