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  • The condition of our clothes is attracting attention.
  • He reached it, attracting no attention.
  • The trial of Smith is attracting very little attention.
  • The devices for attracting attention were eminently successful.
  • They crossed the ferry without attracting particular attention.
  • Inconspicuous: not attracting attention or quickly noticeable.
  • I sent out for her; and we were married without attracting attention.
  • It was some sense of this which was attracting Gerald to her across the room.
  • These remains, formerly much neglected, are now attracting much attention.
  • The doctor hoped to avoid attracting attention in St. Goram.

How To Use Attracting In A Sentence?

  • She was attracting far more attention than the simply dressed lady from the upper world.
  • One after another they emerged, bearing in their hands the spoils most attracting their fancy.
  • It is never announced in anything like a fitting manner without attracting the public.
  • Then, fearful of attracting undesirable attention, he subsided into a sullen silence.
  • Then, without attracting attention, they sauntered out onto the main garage floor.
  • The business of housekeeping is attracting the attention of schools of learning and of legislatures more and more every year.
  • Your mother would let you wear the soles off your shoes if she thought you were attracting attention.
  • Robinson followed the good example, but they did not seem very successful in attracting attention to themselves.
  • The case has been attracting attention and discussion lately in a growing circle that has included a few physicians.
  • If we can reach the bridge without attracting attention by firing a shot it will be infinitely better.
  • He built a fire on shore and all night long heaped on wood in the hope of attracting attention of those on board.
  • Also their work was attracting the admiration of other club women, who asked for an opportunity to co-operate.
  • But perhaps there were tribal taboos and traditions among the natives that could not be ignored without attracting attention.
  • Winding his horn, he succeeded in attracting one of his followers to the spot, and sent him in search of his companions.
  • Besides, supposing that any one was hiding there, how could he have made his way into the room without attracting their attention?
  • Seeking for self-justification, he turned his head slightly so that he might inspect his companion more closely without attracting her attention.
  • To place a drinking and bathing place near the house is one of the best methods of attracting birds, which will use it constantly.
  • It was Pan's pipes that were being played, attracting a few stragglers from the scattered houses.
  • There are all sorts of stunts for attracting attention to round white arms, and if one has the other kind one had better go and do a rest-cure.
  • Discouraged, hungry, and miserable, he wandered about the streets, attracting attention by the wretchedness of his clothing.
  • She asked him about that, and he answered her questions, modestly enough, though not without the design of attracting her sympathy.
  • The public swallowed the poem greedily, the description of the manners of the Circassians especially attracting them.
  • For the good of the service, it is necessary to surround certain offices with splendour and dignity, as a means of attracting men of merit to them.
  • It was a noble river, with very picturesque shores, and something new attracting their eager attention with almost every passing minute.
  • His only hope lay in attracting the attention of some kindly disposed literary man, and for some reason he chose Vergil.
  • They are not large but are almost exactly the size of the Moore pecan, a southern variety now attracting a good deal of attention.
  • The blue flag floats from the old windmill tower on the river-bank, attracting the attention of the traveler as he floats up the Rhine.
  • It will be worth a thousand pounds to me to get these valuables of mine safely home, as I said, without attracting attention.
  • As ozone is at present attracting attention, it might have been worth while to ascertain the proportion of this constituent in the higher regions of the atmosphere.
  • I admire the Quaker who, quietly, without attracting the attention of anyone at table, silently says grace before taking his meal.

Definition of Attracting

present participle of attract
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