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  • He waved an audacious hand.
  • He was an exceedingly original and audacious thinker.
  • These are my ambitions, my audacious desires.
  • Her old habit of audacious truth-telling constrained her.
  • He was not an audacious ravisher; he was a timid child.
  • They cover the first six months of this most Audacious War.
  • To him Sir Rowland expounded his audacious plan...
  • How strange and audacious they sounded in the silence of the lonely room!
  • A more daring head pressed its audacious ear against the snowy glass.
  • From the first, and for long, he was most audacious and troublesome.
  • This is not to be an audacious war on the part of the Allies.
  • Manh is enraged at the audacious pretensions of Phralaong.
  • Nothing dismayed by his first rebuff, the audacious Fouche again intervened.
  • This Audacious War has forced such an alliance as can yield this power.
  • The Emperor's plans were more audacious and far-reaching than ever.

How To Use Audacious In A Sentence?

  • The audacious mind of man robs the gods of power when he can shield himself from their anger.
  • As he grew up he became as audacious and bold a young ruffian as could well be met with.
  • This seems so audacious a program as to be almost beyond comprehension in America.
  • This audacious proceeding illustrates the hardihood of the Moslem corsairs at this time.
  • And so it came about that the audacious Miles again found himself in the presence of innocent May.
  • He had accompanied Erebus at the time of the audacious journey of the three pirates in Provence.
  • Now, this same Gaveston was handsome enough, but was a reckless, insolent, audacious fellow.
  • He had not the sturdy, ruddy appearance of Maxime; nor the grave, audacious manner of Sulpice.
  • This audacious woman would listen to no reasons of state in any matter which interested her humanity.
  • Astor's claim was generally regarded as an audacious piece of injustice and robbery.
  • And under an impulse, which he could better justify to himself than to her, he did a very audacious and improper thing.
  • Meanwhile the revolutionary party followed up its audacious enterprise in a determined manner, without meeting any opposition.
  • They attend all public ceremonies and festivals, executing their audacious dances impartially for gods and men.
  • It might be much more timely for them to circulate photographs showing the horrors and atrocities of human sacrifice in this most audacious war.
  • Surely, before venturing on so audacious a proceeding, these criminal writings would be made known to the country.
  • Was this audacious unknown taking an inventory of the church and the Hall for the purposes of conflagration?
  • An audacious desire to steal one embrace from the dear old man came over me, and almost unmanned me.
  • On the part of the Germans it is an audacious war and its very audacity has astounded the whole world.
  • Some of the women promised to recite Fatihahs for the donors, and the most audacious seized the visitors by their skirts.
  • It has led to "starring" more outrageous and more audacious than any that was ever seen upon the stage, and to mischief far more serious.
  • Dances, fetes of all kinds, opera, and the theatres were in full blast, when all of a sudden society was paralyzed by a most audacious robbery.
  • It was an event that was bound to go down in history as the most audacious and daring piece of work ever successfully carried through by freshmen in that college.
  • Betty always enjoyed introducing Caroline with an audacious flourish, since Caroline always suffered so much in the process.
  • The referee frowned in the direction of this audacious partisan, and expressed a hope that the audience would kindly refrain from comment during the rounds.
  • It is only by exhibiting him as an audacious liar that his impertinences on the correspondent class could be tolerated, but they will surely not be touchy at being called to account by such a critic.

Definition of Audacious

Showing willingness to take bold risks; recklessly daring. | Impudent.
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