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How To Use Audaciously In A Sentence?

  • He spoke to him of the artillery, and audaciously summoned him to keep his word.
  • While all this was going on, the Magyars went about audaciously over the lands of our neighbours.
  • It was not challenged more audaciously in the Northern than in the Southern colonies.
  • Perhaps the experiment was too audaciously conceived, and too carelessly conducted, by both author and management.
  • She snatched a flower from the roadside and tucked it in her hair; she laughed audaciously into the golden face of the sun.
  • He wanted to go as far as he audaciously could and taste the sweet and bitter of her possible kindness, her almost certain blame.
  • It was that of the resolute woman Ralph had noticed a little time past so audaciously crossing the rails and defying instructions.
  • At the party she made quite a sensation; never had she seemed more gay, more piquant, more audaciously witty, than she showed herself this evening.
  • His opinion had gone through the evolution that Madame de la Baudraye had so audaciously prophesied at their first meeting.
  • The murderers that had committed this crime were Twisklanders, who had at that time audaciously crossed the Rhine to murder and to steal.
  • When he danced with Pearl, her husky young body pressed closely against his, her fingertips audaciously brushed the golden crispness of his hair.
  • On a fine breezy forenoon I am audaciously sceptical; but as twilight sets in, my credulity becomes equal to anything that could be desired.
  • These strange inscriptions remained where Maestro Sebastiano had so audaciously placed them till the May of 1571.
  • At the edge of the parade ground he turned in his saddle and audaciously lifted his hat to the girl who, to his certain knowledge, was standing behind the tell-tale blind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Audaciously | Audaciously Sentence

  • Pilkins audaciously touched a Jacque rose that she wore loosely in her hair.
  • De Maistre audaciously denies that Voltaire ever did more than dip into Locke.

Definition of Audaciously

In a audacious manner; bravely, daringly, but not foolheartedly. | In a brazen, forthright manner.
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