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  • He felt the need of audience and approval.
  • Give him an audience, and he will show off for hours.
  • But they had a willing audience, and an eager support.
  • Archduke Carl granted me an audience and promised to come.
  • But she was temporarily deserted by both audience and barker.
  • But few priests at any time have had such an audience and such influence as he.
  • It was well-known to his audience and its significance was understood.
  • He simply played with the audience and swayed the people at will.
  • He satisfied the audience and not less our duty and thankfulness.
  • And he will have his back to the audience, and may do what he likes.
  • This place is occupied by a peculiar description of audience and spectators.
  • Suppose there is a real audience, and suppose them all duly gathered together.
  • There was some laughter among the audience, and even the magistrate smiled.
  • Audience and play, speaking generally, were at cross-purposes.
  • Cheers from the audience, and a voice 'Hear!
  • There was an enormous audience and the American Minister was in a stage box.
  • Mrs. Royston and I will be a generous audience and applaud enthusiastically.
  • Her book deserves a wide audience, and will, I hope, find it.
  • As I sat upon the platform I studied my audience and I resolved upon my course.
  • In short, Mr. P., both audience and Convention were in a profound slumber.

How To Use Audience And In A Sentence?

  • Alarmed by this she insisted on obtaining a short audience and at length it was granted.
  • She did not exploit her personality and let it stand between the audience and the drama.
  • Here again you cut your argument to fit your audience and the space at your command.
  • Next time he speaks before that audience and they become restless he will have no remedy.
  • Never had she performed to so attentive an audience and never had she done so well.
  • A doctor came up out of the audience and bent over her, and the curtain rang down.
  • Which explanation tickled the audience and reduced the witness to a red-hot degree of nervousness.
  • Consternation was seen in the faces of the audience, and a general rush was made for the doors.
  • Ellsworth felt the chill which lay upon the audience, and understood its meaning.
  • The one man gets an audience, and the audience has time to think twice about him.
  • However, we who did get in, were rewarded with a big audience and a big reception.
  • A hush fell on the great audience, and the curtain rose on a tableau of surpassing loveliness.
  • Ultimately, the money taken at the doors was returned to the audience, and the theatre cleared.
  • Yesterday was our udienza particolare (special audience), and most interesting it was.
  • I sang well that night, and had a real success with the audience, and with my colleagues.
  • Agassiz is evidently a great favourite with his Boston audience and feels it himself.
  • Both audience and minister would feel the depressing effect, and religious zeal would reach zero.
  • There was a murmur in the audience and Manguino became nervous and started to look worried.
  • He received Fuad in audience, and withdrew the demand he had made upon the Sultan.
  • Mr. Bickford hurriedly emerged from the audience, and began to look around for Kit.
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