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  • I was so afraid that the audience might not see it as we had seen it at rehearsal.
  • A hush showed the appreciation of this enchanted audience until the tune was finished.
  • A doctor came up out of the audience and bent over her, and the curtain rang down.
  • The stern gravity of his audience removed the edge of any arrogance he might have felt.
  • He toasted his guests in a manner that wholly reflected his nobility and the audience hailed him.
  • I will merely advert to the extraordinary calm that pervaded the audience during the first part.
  • This great audience chamber seemed full of dazzling jewels and gorgeous raiment.
  • Yet nothing pleases an audience so much as a gift, let who will be the receiver.
  • There was a murmur in the audience and Manguino became nervous and started to look worried.
  • More than I would have talked of love, but his need of an audience drove him to confidences.
  • But she asked no questions of us as to that, nor how she was to comport herself when she reached the audience chamber.
  • Pep's heart beat proudly as the audience filed out and he overheard this encouraging praise.
  • There were a few women within the audience who fainted from what they saw and many had slowly begun to walk away.
  • Brant appeared at court and had audience with the king, for whose person he felt a sacred reverence.
  • His very shape was comic, for he had to turn his back upon the audience and all the ladies were ready to die with laughing.
  • The third concert of the subscription series was given last evening, and a large audience was in attendance.
  • He ran his eye over his audience and, finding no one to combat him further, he lapsed into a mellow philosophy.
  • The curiosity of the audience had dilated with such intensity that all who had been standing, still stood, and not a creature stirred.
  • But when he was no longer in the unaccustomed meshes of refined conversation, but speaking with an audience before him, he became a different man.
  • The silent audience looked at him gravely, with eyes level and straight, as it had regarded the speakers preceding him.
  • To return to style, and its appropriateness: all depends on the work in hand, and the audience addressed.
  • If he had been noticing, he could have seen by the rapt faces of the audience that something was going on behind his back that required a response.
  • The curtain was down, the audience was still shouting, everybody was excited, everybody was shaking hands.
  • After all the times that Brook denied his own conference to him, he was now himself being refused the immediate audience that he demanded.
  • The surcharging spleen of the audience began to break in a murmuring, humming, and buzzing, from centre to gallery.
  • The audience rustled, stood up, sought its wraps, and pressed toward the exits and the grand staircase.
  • Ulric flushed with pleasure, and led her up the marble steps to the King's audience chamber.
  • A deep sigh greeted this, which showed that Curly's audience was in full sympathy.
  • Applause was beginning again; but at the sound she stopped, looked over the audience disdainfully, and turning, walked coolly from the stage.
  • To-day, too, his reception-room is crammed to suffocation by gentlemen who seek an audience of his Highness.
  • They had passed him one night on their return from Mosman, playing in front of a public-house to an audience of three loafers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Audience | Audience Sentence

  • He had his audience with him before he spoke.
  • In a second the whole audience was on its feet.
  • The audience had wakened, was alive!
  • Exclusive and fashionable audience at the Wonderland.
  • The Prince then signified that the audience was at an end.
  • I was some Days ago at an Audience of the Holy Father.
  • The audience is given a chance to vote and the cards are collected.
  • That was to be their wait for an audience with the great ruler of Sedara.
  • The recommendation of the Doctor obtained a private audience for Eaton.

Definition of Audience

A group of people within hearing; specifically, a large gathering of people listening to or watching a performance, speech, etc. [from 15th c.] | (now rare) Hearing; the condition or state of hearing or listening. [from 14th c.] | A widespread or nationwide viewing or listening public, as of a TV or radio network or program.
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