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  • Would you willingly augment my grief?
  • Their cries served only to augment their torture.
  • Even an increase of fame served only to augment their industry.
  • Its maritime commerce then must augment and must triumph over all competition.
  • Martyrdoms especially augment the spiritual bank-balance of the whole nation.
  • Now Padre Irene had come to augment his terror with hair-raising tales.

How To Use Augment In A Sentence?

  • The immediate effect of his investiture was to augment the haughtiness of the young archbishop.
  • But not content to economise only, she thrilled with a scheme to augment their slight income.
  • Each guest had his own dishes, and it was a mark of special honor to augment their number.
  • Every word that I spoke to them served but to augment their savage howls and barking.
  • I exhort you the sorrow to augment of that presumptuous woman: I would fain see it.
  • No longer slaves, but comrades of their griefs, The squaws augment the forces of their chiefs.
  • Ay, there all evils, crowded in one room, Each at his worst of ill, augment the gloom.
  • What did it matter to one who was suffering now the agonising pangs of hunger to augment those of cold?
  • May Heav'n augment your blisses, On ev'ry new birthday ye see, A humble poet wishes!
  • Those which are to run the full course of the disease continue to augment in size and projection into the intestine.
  • Indeed, he paused occasionally as if seeking to augment them by the addition of trivial household tasks.
  • He dressed himself joyfully, with a nervous excitement that seemed to augment the vigor of his arms and legs.
  • We augment the meagreness of our herds by extorting ransoms from some of our neighbours, and completely despoiling others.
  • The external circumstances of the two were, moreover, such as to augment their several peculiarities.
  • It seems ever to rejuvenate and augment itself, and it constantly draws bigger multitudes under its sway.
  • His clumsy interference in the intrigues of his friend only serves to augment his difficulties, and occasions many an awkward dilemma.
  • Manet, because his simplicity of manner permitted a liberal application of colour, was able to augment its ornamental power.
  • Her business men have worked with catholic outlook, knowing that what upbuilt the city in general would augment their individual projects.
  • But this adroit scheme of insolvency was unjust to our citizens, and only served to augment the liabilities of Mexico.
  • The tremulous motion of the limbs occur during sleep, and augment until they awaken the patient, and frequently with much agitation and alarm.
  • The building of a canal would augment the value of land in section and cause stimulation, and depress conditions in another section not so favored.
  • He never sought to gain or augment the confidence of his followers by concealing facts, minimising difficulties, or overcolouring expectations.
  • They could not help her yet; they would only augment perplexities, weaken convictions, and distract her mind.
  • During the first administration of Berkeley numerous other measures were adopted tending to augment the liberty and prosperity of the people.
  • Returning to Sicily, he passed the winter in that country, and endeavoured to augment his little army.
  • Modern Rationalists therefore sought, with their new advantages, to augment and systematize these conquests.
  • The room was clouded with tobacco smoke, and still Lablache belched out fresh clouds to augment the reek of the atmosphere.
  • In this way he would augment the power of the Crown and render it less subject to the restraint of Parliament.
  • Lastly, the psychic activity may be initial and productive of changes in the organism, or, if these already exist, may augment and prolong them.
  • It would give him peculiar pleasure to augment his prosperity at the expense of Sir Archibald Malmaison.
  • In France, until a very short time before the Revolution, we can hardly point to a single recognised usage which did not augment this waste.
  • The alternating currents flowing in the primary of the coil induce currents in the secondary of the coil which supplement and augment the fluctuations produced by the direct action of the transmitter.
  • Those momentary slackenings of tense excitement are characteristic of the exalted mood and inseparable from it, and he must have known that they really go to augment its intensity.
  • He can render certain parts thinner by plunging them into half-tone or by burying their outline in the shade, and he can deepen and augment other portions by surrounding them with light.

Definition of Augment

(transitive) To increase; to make larger or supplement. | (intransitive, reflexive) To grow; to increase; to become greater. | (music) To slow the tempo or meter, e.g. for a dramatic or stately passage.
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