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  • I augmented my efforts.
  • Then the numbers had been augmented in other ways.
  • The augmented party now continued on its way.
  • The excitement of the occasion has augmented this illness.
  • Meanwhile the storm raged with augmented fury.
  • The song of the sailors augmented my melancholy.
  • Our camp outfit was further augmented by a dinner call.
  • My insane anger had augmented this attack of exhaustion.
  • So saying, he gazed with augmented eagerness upon the door.
  • And how sensibly, too, it augmented their little means!
  • Money augmented by an Optical Illusion.
  • Considerably augmented by W. Herbert.
  • The forces of Tupac Amaru augmented daily.
  • An incredible coincidence of humours augmented the impression.
  • The augmented party had had no difficulty in reaching their destination.
  • Many obligations have been incurred in preparing this augmented edition.
  • As she did so, a noise in the passage outside augmented her terror.
  • The income of the estate increasing, the children are now augmented to twelve.
  • Its strength was augmented by the political condition of Turkey at the time.
  • The infant Tigris is rapidly augmented by a number of streams and torrents.

How To Use Augmented In A Sentence?

  • These practiced men were augmented by the weak and desperate from other countries.
  • Another fifty years will increase this preponderance in a vastly augmented ratio.
  • For immediately he felt his strength augmented as when he put on his own belt of strength.
  • The events of the next few days doubtless augmented his anxiety and unhappiness.
  • The speed augmented until he was traveling almost with the speed of a cannon ball.
  • The power could not be augmented or speech would not result at the destination.
  • The office was little more than nominal, and the salary was augmented for his accommodation.
  • Their thinning foliage was augmented now by the heavier shade of thrifty moon-vines.
  • I augmented my language to meet the emergency, and threw that shirt out of the window.
  • The greater the influx of workers, the more augmented became the value of land.
  • The augmented triad differs from the major only in that the third member is raised a semi-tone.
  • With an augmented bank account and plenty of fertile land, what might he not accomplish?
  • The convexity of her deck was visibly augmented fore and aft, but she turned up at both ends.
  • In 1638 it reached its greatest height, having been augmented perhaps by agricultural distress.
  • The panic had begun, augmented beyond doubt by the excitement consequent on the return.
  • Diminished and augmented triads, however, are best used in their first inversion.
  • Newark alone augmented its colored population within a little over a year by one hundred per cent.
  • The interest, instead of being abated, was augmented as the days went by with no further report.
  • A quarter of an hour passed anxiously; and then the canoes returned, augmented by two more.
  • This tendency is augmented by the icebergs carried southward with the Labrador current.

Definition of Augmented

increased in number, amount or strength. | (music) increased by a semitone. | simple past tense and past participle of augment
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