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  • Now the p'int is to find out where them great auks lay.
  • As we went on, we espied scores of little auks sitting upon the low cliffs.
  • Little auks we also saw, and some Ross's gulls, and a couple of terns.

How To Use Auks In A Sentence?

  • We saw some little auks again yesterday; they came from the south, probably from land.
  • In the cliffs above us crowds of little auks had their nests, as on all such places that we have passed by.
  • Our supply of meat was exhausted but for some auks we had shot, and we had not many pieces of blubber left.
  • We then determined to shoot birds, but the auks flew too high, and all we got was a couple of fulmars.
  • Over us myriads of little auks flew backward and forward, screaming shrilly from the ledges in the mountain-side.
  • Two auks were lying close to the bow, and the thought of having auk for supper was too tempting; we were in want of food now.
  • They now found plenty of little auks up in the clefts of the mountains, and had no longer to depend on our stone-hard frozen bear-meat.
  • I had constructed a cage made of osiers, in which my auks were to squat until they arrived at Bronx Park.
  • To this we added a dozen auks, so our larder was now well furnished with good food; and if we needed more the water was full of auks and other food, so there was no dearth.

Definition of Auks

plural of auk
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