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How To Use Aunts In A Sentence?

  • If there are none of these relatives the property goes to the uncles and aunts or cousins.
  • It is said that he did not even let his mother and his aunts know that he wrote poetry.
  • School did not keep; in the afternoon both the aunts went to the sewing society.
  • She was always ready to tell them stories of their father and uncles and aunts in the old days.
  • It is thus that the aunts of England may and do assist their nieces to fail in literature.
  • May neither he nor his children nor his uncles nor his aunts ever prosper in any of their undertakings.
  • And my grandmother and a half-dozen aunts and elder cousins did their bit and plied their needles for the war.
  • A keen sense of shame for her aunts and herself was over her; she felt as if she must keep up the family credit.
  • Uncles are much more useful than aunts, because uncles always give money and aunts mostly give advice.
  • She took her aunts upstairs, and returned, coming towards him once more with an air of innocence and friendliness that amazed him.
  • The aunts were continually hovering around her; for maiden aunts are apt to take great interest in affairs of this nature.
  • The aunts never knew any one properly, were always a little muddled among all those nephews and nieces of a later generation.
  • It's no good doing stuff that your wife and family and your aunts say is better than Wagner.
  • Elbraham takes one without a penny, for the sake of her looks; the aunts sell the girl for the sake of his money.
  • I have many friends in the States, but it was hard for my mother and aunts to have to grow up in the wilderness.
  • On the night of the second day of her widowhood, she had retired to her chamber, accompanied by one of her aunts who insisted on sleeping with her.
  • The other girls were in a hubbub of delight all around her, comparing their presents, but she sat perfectly still and watched her aunts coming.
  • If the two aunts would come to live with her, so much the better; but since they refused, she scorned the descent to any domestic expedient.
  • The four aunts gushing over the infants, and feeding them with cake, and gurgling with "tootsie-wootsie popsy-wopsy" kind of noises.
  • Oliver responded gladly, entered the county of his birth, where his uncles and aunts all lived, faithful Methodists.
  • There is little trouble with small children, who make a fuss only, and become refractory, when the parents, grandmammas and aunts set the example.
  • The two aunts looked aghast at Annette, and she saw, almost with shame, how entirely she had the whip hand.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Aunts | Aunts Sentence

  • How glad the aunts will be!
  • Two very old aunts entered.
  • Both the aunts stared at her aghast.
  • Each of the bereaved aunts had written.
  • He wondered why maiden aunts could not understand.
  • Were you going to tell me this that day my aunts came?
  • The uncles and aunts and their children were there....
  • Sisters, daughters, wives, aunts ...
  • The aunts must leave Riff, and quickly.
  • The more bourgeoise of my aunts would introduce me if she were here.
  • She did not see her aunts exchanging glances of satisfaction.
  • I called on her two aunts solely in order to make her acquaintance.
  • Gene will make a decent living, too, independent of any aunts and uncles.
  • But no, he had brothers and sisters, probably uncles and aunts and cousins.
  • He knew that Chinese servants always have brothers and aunts and grandmothers.
  • And then, my next remembrance is the aunts and the house in London.
  • Had he ever heard of his dozen aunts and uncles, the Pruntys of Ahaderg?
  • She never considered the aunts at all," which was about the truth.

Definition of Aunts

plural of aunt
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