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  • On some auspicious day.
  • The auspicious week dawned.
  • Here was an auspicious beginning to a serious conversation!
  • The game ended in the most auspicious way possible.
  • Finally, in the year 1886, the auspicious moment arrived.
  • Oh spring to light, auspicious Babe, be born!
  • Cynthia had entered Wall Street at an auspicious moment.
  • This joyous and auspicious occurrence surpassed my fondest hopes.
  • So will many another be, 'up-mounting' on this auspicious day.
  • I give thee joy, my child,' he said, 'we have had an auspicious omen.
  • In short, Dr. Egerton arrived at the most auspicious moment possible.
  • Ye meet 'neath an auspicious star; For us above are written joy and weal.

How To Use Auspicious In A Sentence?

  • The circumstance was the most auspicious that could occur, as it enabled us to pass unobserved.
  • At last the rabbiter fell into a doze, and when he awoke the auspicious music filled the tent.
  • The night was so auspicious for this diversion that I could not resist the temptation.
  • An auspicious circumstance conspired to forward the astronomical discoveries of Kepler.
  • It could not have happened at a more auspicious moment as far as the British Navy was concerned.
  • On this auspicious occasion the clerk of the weather had granted the hostess an especially fine day.
  • He was still young enough to indulge the anticipation of fully profiting by the results of this auspicious moment.
  • This was a most auspicious beginning, showing a certain improvement of method on the part of the majority.
  • It is an auspicious time therefore to become acquainted with the weaknesses of our character without losing its force.
  • There is therefore, as you will perceive, no danger of anything interfering with the auspicious event.
  • Whatever the gremlin was, it wasn't exactly an auspicious start for a fifty million-mile hop.
  • The position of the planet was most auspicious when in the first face of the house; if in the third its favorable influence was doubtful.
  • We entered at that auspicious moment when nearly the whole of the company were assembled, and before the actual business of the evening commenced.
  • Hydarnes, the commander who had waited an auspicious moment, now thought it safe to kneel on the lowest step of the throne.
  • Would not that be an auspicious moment to persuade him that the daughter, whose loss he daily more and more deplores, still lives?
  • Every one lays aside on this auspicious day differences of politics, family feuds, and social animosities.
  • Graced with a conch-shell's triple line, His throat displays the auspicious sign.
  • It was not exactly an auspicious atmosphere in which to entertain a houseful of college boys and girls, all unversed in the ways of the West.
  • Archbishop Hughes conducted the wedding service, and seized upon the auspicious occasion to make an address of some length.
  • Their start was auspicious enough, for true love, in their case, neither ran smoothly nor yielded to the pressure of terrible events.
  • It was not, of course, the most auspicious time for a genuine attempt to do something practical towards the social salvation of Ireland.
  • As for me, my dear fellow, I shall carry on my operations in the auspicious presence of this power of two hundred thousands.
  • Everything made the 15th of September look like an auspicious date for the conspirators and those who believed in van Rensburg.
  • Since that auspicious date it seems that the questions have impertinently come up, and the first and the last of them is that of Treaty Revision.
  • Yet this prodigious enterprise of destruction was initiated under the most favorable circumstances, with the most auspicious promise for its fatal success.
  • It is therefore auspicious for the phenomenal success of this sensible and practical work that the genial Mrs. Partington is its sponsor.
  • But even the beginning of the pain did not come to them on that auspicious day, and they returned to the house after the picnic in the highest good-humor.
  • With such auspicious beginnings, Ours continued to penetrate the province, and, going up and down that river, sowed the divine word.

Definition of Auspicious

Of good omen; indicating future success. | Conducive to success. | Marked by success; prosperous.
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