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  • No city in the days of the gold-mining rush in Australia ever sprung into existence more suddenly.
  • A lady who lived in Australia one day put a great log of wood on to the fire.
  • I'm open to bet there isn't a bucker in Australia can get rid of him in a quarter of an hour.
  • Returning from Australia she naturally looked about in Kentucky for the background of her ideals.
  • I have an agent in every principal port in Australia on the lookout for the Caribbee.
  • He always meant to preach, and Australia means more of it, with wider good to hope for.
  • In the same way the supreme Baiame of Australia needs to ask questions of mortals.
  • The very savages in Australia initiate their children better than the English do to-day.
  • THE crowning adventure of my tour in Australia came about in the following manner.
  • You have no doubt heard him say something in his letters from Australia about Jacob Poole.
  • These are the Monotremes, represented by a very few species in Australia and New Guinea.
  • Cannot some of our young brethren in Australia come out here and prepare themselves to preach to poor dying sinners?
  • When he had earned the fortune he had come to Australia to earn he meant to prove to the world how keen and true his artistic tastes were.
  • There is no charitable institution in which the Catholics of Australia have more reason to take a legitimate pride.
  • If I could but send him out to Australia with only its legitimate contents in his precious map-case!
  • Among the savages inhabiting Australia and the Pacific island groups a similar rite has been discovered.
  • He was going to Australia to begin life anew, to carve out his fortune in a strange land, where he was not known.
  • Finally, the Irish in Australia have done more than their share in the work of education and social service.
  • He had no son living, so the heir was a nephew, the son of a much younger brother who had gone to Australia and died there.
  • Jacob had much to tell about Australia which deeply interested both his hearers, especially Deborah.
  • Added to this sorrow is the sympathy I have for my poor mother, who weeps whenever Australia is mentioned.
  • When that was written, and for long after, it may be necessary to tell some, Australia was chiefly known as the land of the convict.
  • Even now, in little more than half a century, things are better in Australia than this, at least wherever government has extended.
  • Going to Australia meant three or five or seven years away from Mattie's chosen vocation.
  • In West Australia this bird is the demiurge, and the progenitors of the phratries, of which crow is one, are his nephews.
  • In North Australia and Queensland a further subdivision of each of these classes is found, making eight in all.
  • The fact is that Spencer and Gillen and other writers on Australia use the term group merely as a noun of multitude.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Australia | Australia Sentence

  • Then a little while in Australia and failure there.
  • But Australia gave him another gift.
  • Did the kangaroo swim or jump from Australia to Asia?
  • A few years ago, the Cause in Australia was very weak.
  • Canada and Australia have been contented with substantial independence.
  • He took it to Australia and won the first aeroplane flight prize there.
  • The continent of Australia has the greatest representation of native species.
  • In Australia the law against stealing rides on freights is strictly enforced.
  • Mere parochialism must go, sir, if Australia is to have a destiny.
  • I must box their ears with the island of Australia (22) of my hand.
  • The women of Australia and New Zealand can vote, and help make the laws.
  • Such parts are Central Australia and North-west Central Queensland.
  • The phratries were discovered in South Australia by the Rev. C.W.

Definition of Australia

nominative neuter plural of austrālis | accusative neuter plural of austrālis | vocative neuter plural of austrālis
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