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  • We have at last authentic news from the interior.
  • Here the authentic part of our play begins to give out.
  • No document is authentic without a seal as its signature.
  • This time the 'history' is authentic enough.
  • In a Series of entirely Original and Authentic Maps.
  • This is the only authentic kind of seeing yet known to mankind.
  • Over eighty authentic examples remain detailed in their list.
  • After months of disaster there had come authentic news of victory.
  • At the height of three hundred feet authentic forest scenery began.
  • Excitement was at fever heat, and anxious hearts awaited authentic news.

How To Use Authentic In A Sentence?

  • He has just that air of being authentic which is needed for an anecdote or narrative.
  • There is no authentic evidence of a deliberate conspiracy on the part of all the tribes.
  • I certify that the foregoing is a true and authentic copy taken from the volume above named.
  • How it diverts and sinks capital may be inferred from some authentic statements before us.
  • Observation has not discovered, nor has history recorded, an authentic example of either.
  • All through the west and southwest, Irishmen are found in the earliest days of authentic history.
  • The next authentic expeditions on these coasts were those conducted by Sebastian Viscaino.
  • The man who came into the War a mere Tiger will go out of it an authentic Lion.
  • For the former possessed in the writings which they had accepted as authentic the same truths which the latter had embraced.
  • Harry enquired if any authentic account of their uncle's death had been received.
  • The authentic story of his life surpasses in romance and tragedy most of the pirate tales of fiction.
  • But now the thing was flashed on him with the brightness of authentic revelation, and there was no gainsaying its truth.
  • He began to regard his hostess as a figure haunted by a shadow which was somehow her intenser and more authentic self.
  • Curious to find an authentic instance as an example, the matter was followed up until the result was found.
  • Both men were the descendants of a privileged order; both were inheritors of a formal and authentic tradition.
  • Nowhere is there, in the same compass, more of authentic information and acute remark upon the subject.
  • All these stories are equally authentic and of equal value to the world, and all the authors were equally inspired.
  • The power to inspire equally devotion and hatred had been throughout history the authentic sign of the saviour and of the destroyer.
  • There were, moreover, very great difficulties in obtaining authentic information about the lives of the martyrs.
  • I shall establish the fact by authentic documents, and no one will have occasion to deplore the end of a legend.
  • It is doubtful whether cotton is indigenous to any part of this country, as we have no authentic record of the precise time of its introduction.
  • With lovers the external actions and gestures are couriers, which bear authentic tidings of what is passing in the interior of the soul.
  • Whether the letter be authentic or not, whether it was sent or not, really matters but little as regards our judgment of the facts.
  • I will continue my reminiscence by extracting verbatim a page or so from my imperfect, though as far as it goes, authentic diary.
  • We have cut from a recent paper, what seems an authentic story, of one of this race having obtained a kind of mausoleum.
  • In no authentic source so far investigated could a single proof be found to connect Ferrer with the uprising.
  • It should be remembered that there is no authentic record which in any way incriminates Hans Luther.
  • But the number of authentic cases of persons who have seen their own form, is vastly greater at the North than anywhere else.
  • Such, according to the most authentic old story, was all that was to be found of Tom's wife.
  • There is a second portrait of her, taken ten years later; but of Archibald no other authentic likeness exists.

Definition of Authentic

Of the same origin as claimed; genuine. | Conforming to reality and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief. | (music, of a Gregorian mode) Having the final as the lowest note of the mode.
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