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  • What are the relations of these original authorities to each other?
  • It seemed impossible for the authorities to discover any trace of the murderer.
  • Again he cautions the authorities to keep his approach a profound secret.
  • No serious effort was made by the California authorities to keep them out.
  • A letter is extant written by the town authorities to the Home Secretary.

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  • He eventually succeeded in prevailing on the authorities to withdraw the proposal.
  • Several ardent advocates of force advised the authorities to send them all to the stake.
  • I will notify the authorities to be on the lookout for the girl, for her own sake alone.
  • I picked up the knife as it lay on the pier, and will turn it over to the authorities to-morrow.
  • Does any reader of English want all these authorities to show the word to be legitimate?
  • But if he had only the British authorities to fear, there was less cause for alarm.
  • It took absolute severity by Earth authorities to prevent the depopulation of the planet.
  • This disastrous expedition ended the attempts of the local authorities to capture Israel Drake.
  • Fugitive slaves lost through State legislation, or by act of State authorities, to be paid for.
  • Please give orders to the proper authorities to have Mrs. De Peyster held at the dock.
  • He vaguely perceived the consideration that compelled the authorities to wage the battle prudently.
  • There was no difficulty in persuading the town authorities to permit the little girl to follow her new friend.
  • We have quoted many authorities to shew the advantages resulting from exposing the body to the action of cold water.
  • It is not considered a proper function of public authorities to carry on operations that compete with private property developments.
  • They had the national civilian and military authorities to cope with, in addition to the impositions of their own local military.
  • Costa told me that the auditor had revenged my contempt of his orders by forbidding the post authorities to furnish any horses for my carriage.
  • It will not be discovered probably until late this evening, when it will be too late for the authorities to take any immediate measures of pursuit.
  • We are informed that it is the intention of the authorities to have pack-mules used in the cavalry corps henceforward in place of army wagons.
  • He looked ashamed of his paltry function, being used by the military authorities to announce to the world all kinds of nonsense.
  • It may be noted that the sword is stated by some heraldic authorities to have been argent, whilst by others this detail is omitted.
  • He will, however, probably be somewhat disturbed by the fine indifference of the authorities to styles and chronologies.
  • I have always urged the authorities to send away, as fast as possible, those who have arrived as refugees.
  • I shall be glad if some of your heraldic or antiquarian readers will give their opinions, and if they know of any authorities, to quote them.
  • When they had come to the Tower at the approach to the bridge, as it were at the entrance to the authorities to the city.
  • I am inclined, after deep reflection and examination of the best authorities, to give the preference to the third-named locality.
  • Naturally enough, she considered it a further attempt of the authorities to snub the day-boys, for whose advantage the school had been founded.
  • Encountered it must be by the authorities of the nation, or else, in our opinion, it will soon force those authorities to resign their places.
  • Yet, when the people actually wanted to make this gospel a living reality, she urged the authorities to force them to bear arms.
  • Here the design is, by all possible arguments and authorities, to confirm our faith in Christianity.
  • During the evening, so threatening became the demonstrations of the people that every effort was made by the authorities to reinforce the Police.
  • Godfrey learnt that every effort had been made by the authorities to discover how Koshkin had obtained the knife, but without success.
  • Active preparations were accordingly made by the State authorities to follow them, and either capture or exterminate all the tribes involved.
  • His one ideal was to earn the appreciation of the Prussian military authorities, to whom he looks up as a fervid disciple to peerless masters.
  • Mandillions, said by some authorities to be cloaks, were in fact much like the doublets, and were worn apparently as an over-garment or great-coat.
  • That battle has been pronounced by military authorities to have been one of the best-fought battles of the Revolutionary War.
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