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  • Leading authority on aviation subjects.
  • Sewall was depending upon an authority of the day.
  • His lordship gave authority to that effect.
  • Well-known authority on matters aeronautical.
  • Leading authority on aerial and boat motors.
  • Give me authority to act for you, and go to him.
  • But at the tone of authority he released Lois.
  • Butler had now succeeded in reasserting his authority on their behalf.
  • A leading authority on all matters having to do with engineering.
  • The word is applied to certain natives in authority at the pearl fisheries.
  • Colonel Charles Ellet had been given authority to build some rams.
  • The Count uses his Authority with Moderation, and is civil and courteous.
  • Printed Under the Authority of the Managers from the Prompt Book.
  • JOSEPH JACOBS, authority upon folklore.
  • Macrisi is Hammer's authority for the preceding account of Abdallah.

How To Use Authority In A Sentence?

  • The excuse given for non-production of authority was that the addressee was asleep.
  • The other denied the authority of the author, and insisted that the peeper was a frog.
  • He did return, however, in 1832, after making himself an authority on Spanish affairs.
  • Backed by his faithful warriors, the War Chief could speak in tones of authority to his foe.
  • Well-known authority on aviation matters, and Superintendent of the Royal Aircraft Factory.
  • The enthusiasm of his youth has passed away, the authority of the master no longer retains a hold upon him.
  • I recognize no authority in this prison to convene a court martial," or words to that effect.
  • And the actions performed during this march would be deemed absolutely fabulous, were they not recorded on authority which cannot be doubted.
  • The elephant hunters have repeatedly applied to be relieved of their authority and to be allowed to serve again under the Company.
  • Do you wish to shake the foundations of the authority on which the life of every Christian family is founded?
  • Only the strong authority of Uiliami had prevented the burning of the traders' houses.
  • Hitherto Westphalia alone was the scene of their operations, and their authority was of evident advantage to the empire.
  • This assertion is frequently made; but, as we conceive, without authority either from reason or revelation.
  • A man will be here in a few minutes in whom I put some confidence; a great authority on these things.
  • In an instant she had changed from the sparkling elusive creature Stephen had known into a woman of authority and composure.
  • Miss Benette's solemn manner had great authority over the child, it was certain.
  • To this they answered for the third time that they had no authority to discuss halfway measures, but that Maluco should be surrendered to them.
  • I have got a special authority to enlist you and Jonathan, with the understanding that you can take your discharge whenever you like.
  • But great as was the President's moral authority at home, it was still greater abroad.
  • Lawrence had no trouble in getting the requisite authority from General Schofield to visit his friend.
  • Fulk had never in so many words forbidden him, and besides, Fulk had delegated his authority to the hateful tutor.
  • The emperor, even when the imperial authority was at the lowest, was regarded in Germany as the fountain of judicial authority.
  • And then the injuries I suffered in my personal dignity and my managerial authority from the visits of these great London actors.
  • It was his boast that he had never done anything for the first time without ascertaining precisely how it had been done by the highest authority before him.
  • He had already assumed it, and caused the Tories to feel his new authority when the defeat of Gates took place.

Definition of Authority

(uncountable) The power to enforce rules or give orders. | (used in singular or plural form) Persons in command; specifically, government. | (countable) A person accepted as a source of reliable information on a subject.
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