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  • I am authorized to make invitations.
  • What had authorized medical art to promise in such a case?
  • You will find I am authorized so to be.
  • The glance he gave him authorized Keith to go on.
  • Rev. & authorized American ed.
  • Who authorized you to lose all there is for the hope of what may be?
  • I have no reason to believe they exceeded authorized treatments.
  • My board has authorized me to issue an historical sketch of the work.
  • She is authorized to issue up to 12,000,000,000 francs in paper.
  • The commissioners were later authorized to offer $20,000,000 for the cession.

How To Use Authorized In A Sentence?

  • Three days later they were brought before an authorized court, and tried for the robbery.
  • Elizabeth at once authorized general reprisals on the ships and goods of Spaniards.
  • Congress authorized more men, to the number of 58,000, and more ships, and voted more loans.
  • It is not well applied by them, unless they are authorized to put themselves in the place of God.
  • He authorized my proceeding to Jheend, but without going through the Rohtuck district.
  • I was not the senior in rank, but Colonel Carle did not feel himself authorized to issue orders.
  • Nevertheless, his own principles sufficiently authorized him to declare himself with more precision.
  • Nor did he tell him that she had authorized him to subscribe largely to the stock of the new syndicate.
  • Papin was authorized to build a powerful steam pump by which the supply of water was to be regulated.
  • The hymnal, authorized by the General Synod of the Evangelical and Reformed Church.
  • But towards the end of his reign, the advocates were again authorized to receive fees or presents from their clients.
  • The reader will observe that not being authorized as yet to practice as an attorney I was scrupulous not to hold myself out as one.
  • It authorized a loan, raised the bounty for enlistments, voted a further increase of the army, and adjourned.
  • As I write this experience the following comes to me as a still stronger indictment against authorized medical method.
  • In the event of the provincial scouts making any concerted movement against a French post, you would be authorized to join them.
  • Trade was opened, but the President was authorized to reimpose non-intercourse with either nation if the other would withdraw its decrees.
  • The adoption of laws from the original thirteen States, which was all that they were authorized to do, became under their methods a mere burlesque.
  • The Association shall publish a report each fiscal year and such other publications as may be authorized by the Association.
  • Yet, why thus degrade matter, the plastic and prolific creature of the Deity, beyond what we are authorized to do?
  • On one side there is an absolute agreement of view on the part of those who are authorized by their knowledge of the subject to pronounce an opinion.
  • Yet it was by these that the pope declared himself to be perfectly satisfied of the guilt of the order, and justified the rigorous measures which he authorized against it.
  • But a good deal more than two thousand years have passed since they constituted themselves the only authorized intermediaries between mankind and the gods.
  • It will be exactly true," responded Foy quietly, "and you're authorized to say so.
  • When Congress authorized one without power to suspend specie payments, Madison vetoed it as useless.
  • The ten gaming-houses that once were authorized in Paris passed through the banks, yearly, three hundred and twenty-five millions of francs!
  • As for me, with authorized medicine driven from the field, I see only new life unfolding in him daily, and my reward is exceeding.
  • Without undue vanity, it is tolerably safe to say now that he was authorized by the existing state of things to confidently predicate his own success on these estimates.
  • Their removal into these quarters was authorized by the Spanish government, and they have generally conducted themselves to the satisfaction of the whites.
  • Meanwhile, the governor-general would be authorized to accept a suspension of hostilities, provided the insurgents should ask for it and agree to disarm.
  • The paper was manufactured under the supervision of an agent of the department, who was authorized to count and receive all the paper at the mills and to answer the orders for its delivery to the printers.

Definition of Authorized

Explicitly allowed. | simple past tense and past participle of authorize
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