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  • Began authorship early.
  • The authorship of this theory is in doubt.
  • Is there no evidence of an intelligent authorship here?
  • Landor was busy with authorship until after he was eighty.
  • The authorship of this document is something of a mystery.
  • The authorship of the painting is not certainly known.
  • These are read aloud and the authorship guessed.
  • I wonder why I did not commence authorship before!
  • I never guessed the authorship when I read it.
  • He gives the authorship to Creswell or Tresham.
  • Ezekiel's authorship of it has been questioned.
  • Internal evidence seems to leave the question of authorship in doubt.
  • The question of the authorship of the book is still an unsettled one.
  • As these were all unsigned, their authorship remains chiefly unknown.
  • As a consequence, authorship was held in strangely glamorous esteem.
  • The evidence of their authorship is twofold, and we think quite conclusive.

How To Use Authorship In A Sentence?

  • In the preface to the fourth volume the authorship of a very few of the articles was admitted.
  • The evidence for the original ascription of authorship is simple in the extreme.
  • This same principle in the art of authorship may be applied to the art of writing history.
  • These were issued without her name on the title-page, but the authorship was an open secret.
  • The following investigation of the authorship of Junius will be read with interest.
  • And as the authorship was bandied here and there, editions trickled slowly from the Press.
  • The authorship of the last is not certain, and that of the second was shared with Lodge.
  • Although he likes books and even likes writing, Hoover makes no claims to authorship himself.
  • The authorship of the Acts of the Apostles was attributed without serious question to Luke.
  • When I had read it all I knew less about the authorship of the book than when I began.
  • It is probable that it is of Hebrew authorship and belongs to the first century, B. C.
  • Would there now be any controversy over the authorship of the world's greatest dramas?
  • To claim the authorship of this work was too harmless and specious a stratagem not to be readily suggested.
  • We know of no similar instance where authorship and recklessness combined have produced creditable results.
  • Its authorship is a guarantee that the statements made are authoritative as far as the statement of an individual can be so regarded.
  • It was a remarkable document, the authorship of which was popularly attributed to Mr. T.M. Healy.
  • But they attracted widespread attention and the secret of their authorship was a matter of a good deal of popular curiosity.
  • They seem to have been written mainly by the same hand, but their authorship has been a matter of debate to this day.
  • Do not think that spirits other than her own are to be credited with the authorship of the new Gospel.
  • Stedman was not able to determine the authorship for me, as the verses were new to him, but the authorship has now been traced.
  • The authorship of this series is conclusive evidence of its rare worth, of its happy union of the ideal and the practical.
  • As may be imagined, these facts offer a considerable range of possibilities as to authorship and provenance of the play.
  • For occupation he was turning over a portfolio of sketches, whose authorship was indicated by the attitude of the lady seated near by.
  • Not but that, with or without any titular distinction, authorship is practically the most noticeable rank amongst us.

Definition of Authorship

The quality or state of being an author; the function or dignity of an author. | The source; origin; origination
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