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  • At any rate they were secure from pursuit except by an automobile like their own.
  • Jean awoke to hear the businesslike buzzing of an automobile coming up from the gate.
  • The automobile that had carried her away had not been her own, and the chauffeur was unknown.
  • Once in a while he lifted his head as a flash of light showed another automobile passing.
  • We came in an automobile from the city, so as to be sure to find you early enough.
  • Although I am running away from her, the lady will not come out in her automobile to look for me.
  • When the automobile stopped, Jan saw a grey building of stones with windows crossed by iron bars.
  • The three of them called on Mr. Dale and at first got him to take an automobile ride.
  • Yes, there was a Hungarian baron in the automobile business, and two English sirs.
  • They were not bemoaning the loss of their automobile in the presence of their own escape and that of their chauffeur.
  • He was particularly interested in the Spring Automobile Show at the Crystal Palace.
  • The result was that the automobile engine installed in the early airplane invariably overheated and caused serious trouble.
  • Even as he finished speaking a large automobile dashed up and out tumbled a well-dressed and portly red-faced stranger.
  • Then Jan saw Mr. Pixley lifted into the automobile where Mrs. Pixley was arranging pillows.
  • His fingers moved restlessly, like a street-urchin surveying an automobile and longing to blow its horn.
  • The pipe of an itinerant plumber whined and squeaked unmelodiously, and the horn of a passing automobile hiccoughed in the distance.
  • The result of these things is what is known as a flat tire with all the air gone out, and the automobile bumps on the hard rim.
  • He watched the automobile turn among the orange trees that bordered the winding driveway and waited for a last glimpse of it through the trees.
  • One is the great increase in the use of some of the products, such as gasolene, which has increased many fold since the automobile became popular.
  • The lady patted the dog, spoke to it gently, then she rose from her chair and the captain followed her to the gate where an automobile was waiting.
  • A team was hauled up on its haunches by the frightened driver; an automobile drew so hastily to one side that two wheels went into the ditch.
  • But the automobile engine was never intended to run at top speed continuously and for long periods, as the airplane engine necessarily must do.
  • Mr. Dog said there was nothing in the world that he loved so much as to ride in an automobile and to go fast.
  • Then came this message, "Have sent neighbor with his automobile to notify forester.
  • He purchased a large scale automobile map of Cornwall and when he reached the quaint seaport had a fair idea of the locality.
  • He would have to hire an express car, anyway, he said, for the automobile and the scenery sets they had used for interiors.
  • The automobile quickly covered the three miles to the Willing farm, and stopped before a broad wooden gate.
  • The dense foliage completely hid the approaching car from view, so that Charley could not see what sort of an automobile it was.
  • They wandered delightedly about from one trolley to another until they found an automobile garage, and soon were speeding back to Philadelphia.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Automobile | Automobile Sentence

  • Just then the automobile came up frightening our horses.
  • He glanced at the colonel in the automobile and saluted.
  • Then the automobile vanished among the trees.
  • Followed them automobile tracks clear to the range.
  • Randy knew the direction the red automobile had taken.
  • Established for automobile work, 1893.
  • And an automobile accident may wreck a honeymoon.
  • She met and passed her first automobile without a quiver.
  • He was more concerned about the automobile accident than about her ancestors.
  • The automobile which had been standing in the street below was gone.
  • Painted and varnished the fuselage resembles a fine automobile body.

Definition of Automobile

Self-moving; self-propelled. | (intransitive, dated) To travel by automobile. | (US, Canada) A type of vehicle designed to move on the ground under its own stored power and intended to carry a driver, a small number of additional passengers, and a very limited amount of other load. A car or motorcar.
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