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  • But this availed not.
  • Yet naught has availed against him.
  • But it all availed nothing.
  • But it availed nothing.
  • She availed herself of their mistakes.
  • Knocking availed nothing.
  • Naught would it have availed him.
  • But very few availed themselves of the privilege.
  • Lucilla at once availed herself of the permission.
  • Nan availed herself of this suggestion.
  • But the check availed nothing.
  • But their watchfulness availed nothing.
  • Medical aid availed nothing.
  • Yet what could such foresight have availed me?
  • But their complaints availed nothing.
  • He simply availed himself of his opportunities.
  • Of this volume we have already availed ourselves.
  • But such services now availed nothing.
  • Nought we could do availed when she appeared.
  • His backsliding had availed him little.
  • Kenny at the window availed himself of the privilege.
  • How little it has availed me thou knowest.
  • This display of weakness availed nothing.
  • A little while back that might have availed you.
  • He had his suspicions, but they availed nothing.
  • A valid defence would have availed him naught.
  • So, the hunt availed nothing.
  • His swagger and domineering ways had availed him nothing.
  • Marczi was inclined to rebel, but it availed nothing.
  • Aneta availed herself of the invitation, and took a chair.
  • At any rate, it would have availed nothing.
  • All my efforts availed nothing; he must die.
  • I had availed myself at Barnet.
  • Ogilvy and Annan had promptly availed themselves.
  • All that could be said, or done, availed nothing.
  • An angry denial, he felt now, would have availed little.
  • He availed himself of it with even more than his accustomed freedom.
  • About 150 boys in all availed themselves of this opportunity.
  • Lulu promptly and joyfully availed herself of the permission.

How To Use Availed In A Sentence?

  • It was a source of disappointment to him that so few priests availed themselves of it.

Definition of Availed

simple past tense and past participle of avail
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