Avalanche In A Sentence

Definition of Avalanche

(intransitive) To descend like an avalanche. | (transitive) To come down upon; to overwhelm. | (transitive) To propel downward like an avalanche.

How To Use Avalanche In A Sentence?

  • I know there was to have been a perfect avalanche of adventure on land and on sea.
  • But the words ended with an avalanche of bodies that threw themselves down the black slope.
  • It is as though he feared one word would dislodge the avalanche under which he shrinks.
  • A howling avalanche of humanity, half obscured by smoke, streamed up the slope.
  • At the top of the pass the party was overtaken by an avalanche which descended from the Lucendro.
  • As men beneath an avalanche pass dumb For fear a sound should bring destruction down.
  • Suddenly an avalanche of animals appeared with a huge tumult along the front of Will Tree.
  • That avalanche of me bursting in without denial, struck little Hildreth Baxter dumb with interest.
  • Her usually bubbling spirit was weighted down as with an avalanche of responsibility and unhappiness.
  • It seemed as if nothing could prevent the frail craft from being overwhelmed by the avalanche of foam.
  • It was their task only to start the movement, which could be counted upon to avalanche itself into history.
  • Sometimes an avalanche slid over a slope with the distant appearance of a great white waterfall and the echo of muffled thunder.
  • A green roaring avalanche swept down upon him and the luckless cat-boat, overwhelming both simultaneously.
  • The exasperated cowboys could only tell that suddenly out of the darkness had swept down on their quiet camps an avalanche of wild horses.
  • One of these deposited a perfect avalanche of little bags, packages, and umbrellas on the seat beside him.
  • The passage of the avalanche overhead had lasted but a minute, though to the men standing below it the time had seemed vastly longer.
  • A tiny chipmunk in the wall loomed like a lion in his lair, and sent a huge rock crashing like an avalanche into the field.
  • In due time the bloodthirsty Pecksniff who had set the avalanche in motion appeared to express his holy indignation.
  • I cannot permit Casino bills to grow in this avalanche fashion, such as has been the case for months past.
  • But an avalanche of small stones, loosened by the blows, at once fell upon him, knocking him down again and fixing him where he lay.
  • An avalanche of soot fell upon his hand and wrist, but he ignored it, for at the same instant his fingers had closed upon what he was seeking.
  • They feared that by tramping along the edge they might bring down even a greater avalanche than had fallen with the unfortunate Bessie.
  • A man might find that on "going out into the weather" he is overwhelmed by a heavy fog or an avalanche of snow or a driving storm of rain.
  • Amid this tornado, an entire caravan, disorganized, broken, and overthrown, was disappearing beneath an avalanche of sand.
  • Hence the appearance of Sam Tremail on the scene intent on marrying her was like the falling of an avalanche burying his hope and his desire.
  • Every Harvard sympathizer on the train had gone mad, and the Yale streamers were buried in the avalanche of crimson flags.
  • Trot along, Beatrice, and tell him that Gertrude is coming the moment she has dug her way out of this avalanche of manuscript.
  • But that avalanche had somewhat unnerved him, for he had been looking out for a place to camp, and it now seemed madness to think of coming to a halt there.
  • In its eccentric evolutions he hurtled against a servant bringing the luncheon, and fully half of the viands poured like an avalanche down the stairs.
  • Mary heard an almost womanish enumeration of petty troubles and disturbances, a pathetic threat as to the avalanche of work which would await her in the morning.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Avalanche | Avalanche Sentence

  • The avalanche is coming.
  • Then the avalanche was finished.
  • The avalanche had him, all fences of caution swept aside.
  • It was as inevitable and unswervable as an avalanche or a cyclone.
  • He was afraid of bringing upon himself an avalanche of mercenary applications.
  • A crash on the roof brought a small avalanche of slate tumbling down.
  • And then a human avalanche burst from a pitch dark passage-way.
  • But the island men rushed on like an avalanche and started to storm the ship.
  • History tells of a most striking rescue from an avalanche on the St. Gothard.

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