Avenge in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Avenge

1. His one thought was to avenge himself. 🔊

2. He burned to avenge this disaster. 🔊

3. We must now avenge him and prevent further crimes. 🔊

4. The mighty Rustum shall avenge my death! 🔊

5. A story to show how we are all wronged and wrongers, and avenge one another. 🔊

6. He knew, moreover, how fiercely he would avenge any injury to her. 🔊

7. The gods avenge not on the son the deeds Done by the father. 🔊

8. Seeing Wat down, his men immediately bent their bows to avenge his fall. 🔊

9. It had called upon the State to avenge its wrongs, to exterminate its enemies. 🔊

10. The Pawnees made ready to avenge this injury, and marshaled all their forces. 🔊

11. I must warn Morse if it was not already too late, must avenge him if it was. 🔊

12. To him the tribe looks to avenge or redeem a kinsman's death or misfortune. 🔊

How to use Avenge in Sentences?

1. He appealed to the president to investigate the matter and to avenge his murder. 🔊

2. Mother weeps, but she says that you are brave and wishes that you may avenge them. 🔊

3. Strange to say, the man who was to avenge her fate was he whose heritage she had usurped. 🔊

4. She knew how he loved the old judge and with what prompt action he would avenge his wrong. 🔊

5. I am a woman, and must leave it to my husband to avenge this insult as he deems best. 🔊

6. Poor Peter Sissek urged by his master to avenge himself upon this hated alien rushed to his fate. 🔊

7. Who stood to his post At the head of a host His country to save, and avenge her. 🔊

8. I trust; Diana claims attendants more severe, And doth avenge her desecrated fane. 🔊