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  • Anatomical variation and avian anatomy.
  • There is actually something avian comes with the years.
  • This avian invasion increased considerably during the night.
  • An Attempt to reduce Avian Season Flight to Law.

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  • Myology and serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae, a taxonomic study.
  • Myology and serology of the Avian Family Fringillidae, a taxonomic study.
  • For convenience we will take a few of the avian orders, in their natural sequence, beginning with the lowest.
  • A full grown African ostrich is an avian colossus, and his enormous size makes him quite a serious matter.
  • Taken by itself, the avian form of brain in an animal would be as good evidence that its grade of organisation was that of a bird as could be offered.
  • Its chief value does not lie in its important bearing on what may be termed avian sociology or on its surprising demonstration of the close connection existing between available nesting-sites and bird-population.
  • But brain and breathing organs of the avian type are structures of a different order of stability in most animals from the bones, which vary to a remarkable extent in almost every ordinal group of animals.
  • These rarest avian gems may not be removed from their setting, and to those who desire to know them in their unimaginable lustre, it will always be necessary to cross oceans and penetrate into remote wildernesses.

Definition of Avian

Characteristic of or pertaining to birds, or to bird-like or flying creatures. | A bird. | A bird-like or flying creature.
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