Avoiding in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Avoiding

1. Is simply avoiding him rudeness? 🔊

2. This means that he is avoiding the real subject of debate. 🔊

3. Sidney hesitated, avoiding the other's look. 🔊

4. Mr Knightley had another reason for avoiding a table in the shade. 🔊

5. He was following Merriwell up, and the latter was avoiding him with ease. 🔊

6. Of avoiding lying, and the repentance of Hermas for his dissimulation. 🔊

7. Penny and Louise leaped aside, barely avoiding being struck. 🔊

8. No, I don't blame you or any one for avoiding me. 🔊

9. So write to him to be careful in avoiding colds," said the doctor. 🔊

How to use Avoiding in Sentences?

1. Nor for some time could he bring himself to realize that she was deliberately avoiding him. 🔊

2. She seemed on a sudden to be avoiding the entrance to the forward companionway. 🔊

3. They were of course counseling neutrality as the easiest way of avoiding trouble. 🔊

4. She saw no way of avoiding the giving her the pain, but she suffered it herself. 🔊

5. She entered with her usual calm expression and, avoiding my eyes, held out her hand. 🔊

6. And the "father" goes with the slayer, through woods and bushes, avoiding roads. 🔊

7. Sombre and absent-minded, he had earlier slipped away among the trees, avoiding even Brayton. 🔊

8. We cannot use too much caution in avoiding those things which those who have more experience than we have warned us against. 🔊

9. One of these was the way of avoiding the payment of taxes, and how to fight the cases in the courts. 🔊

10. Farther and farther into the timber he went, avoiding the outreaching skidways and the sound of axes. 🔊

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