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  • I await your report about the book.
  • Though weary storms await me yet.
  • I heard my pursuer stop for a second to await the issue.
  • He asked me to "calm" myself and await developments.
  • Come, judge, I will await my fate in fetters.
  • I await the commands of Y.R.H. on this point.
  • There we'll await you both this evening.
  • Luther was given a foretaste of the terrors that await the reprobate.
  • I now await the messenger's return.
  • There on the border, than here to await disaster and bondage.
  • They spend largely on their fabric, and await the slow return.
  • O countless, countless messages stored in her memory to await his coming!
  • You will instruct them to move on to Niagara, and there await further orders.
  • His man Phil's below with orders to await his coming.
  • At Chumbi it remained to await one's day of release.
  • And, fetter'd in darkness, Await the vain longing A juster decree.

How To Use Await In A Sentence?

  • Mabel sat down in a chair to await the return of the others, who now went out the door.
  • Other Italian planes would await them there, and there they would receive final instructions.
  • Evil days await that country; your prophets do not see them, but I know, and see them clearly.
  • I am very fond of Mr. Dooley, and shall await his coming with affectionate and pecuniary interest.
  • My commanding officer left me there to await the necessary transport while he went back to camp to send it.
  • The bank had just closed as he arrived, so there was nothing for it but to await its opening the next morning.
  • We had, on entering the woods, dispatched our baggage to the former place to await our arrival there.
  • I await your orders on the subject, and in the mean time shall make no use of your bill of exchange.
  • He would await no sentence of court-martial, but would punish his neglect of duty with his own sword!
  • This was an interim of waiting, when all preparations were made for the work in hand, and there was nothing to do but await developments.
  • The stage was set in a few minutes and the conspirators set themselves to await the return of Scraggs.
  • I am seated, and await your further pleasure," he continued, with a curling lip.
  • There was nothing for it but to await an ignominious release by way of the door when Nugent should have been apprised of her capture.
  • The army would now be content with the triumphs already won, and would quietly await further reinforcements before taking any fresh step.
  • The tailor chose ten strong men, and told them to await him on the border of the wood, while he went on quite alone.
  • So he sat down finally with his back against the side of the well, his knees to his chin, and his head bowed, to await the inevitable.
  • He growled at the women, and they went away like obedient animals, to sit half-way down the ledge and await further orders.
  • Having made stiff adieux to the party, she went and sat down on a rock by the roadside to await some passerby who would take her to Prouty.
  • Mrs. Morton was called into the house at that moment, and her husband strolled into the garden to await his summons to the mid-day meal.
  • When that was accomplished, the Mysterious Four hid themselves in some bushes by the side of the road to await developments.
  • And others say the relics of the maidens were brought to Ard-Macha, where they await the resurrection.
  • I submit to this last bond and, as though I were laid out upon my death-bed, await an end no longer dreaded.
  • But Fenice promised with many tears to be true to me, and with her pledge to await my coming I was forced to be content.
  • Captain Lamar and most of the gang were found to be away, so supperless and bound, Lawrence was placed under a tree to await the morning.

Definition of Await

(transitive, formal) To wait for. | (transitive) To expect. | (transitive) To be in store for; to be ready or in waiting for.
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