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  • Someday you will awaken to this injustice.
  • Let this awaken earnestness and resolution in you.
  • I endeavored to awaken hope within him.
  • She seemed to awaken from a horrible nightmare.
  • You must awaken their imaginations, and they are ours.
  • He was impelled to shout, to awaken his companion.
  • His mind must work also, and awaken to its capacities.
  • May Aurora not only awaken you but speed your industry.
  • It can awaken the echoes mute, With answering replies.
  • Possibly these mice awaken at intervals from hibernation and eat.
  • This was not so heavy but that the slightest cause would again awaken him.
  • I was the first to awaken from this blissful delirium of the affections.
  • To turn this on full and strong means to awaken the consciences of men.
  • Maria lay sobbing quietly, and her sister did not awaken at all.
  • It is thus powerless to awaken the love and sympathy of young hearts.
  • She was hardly old enough to awaken a more tender emotion in his breast.
  • Once she dozed lightly, to awaken with an intensified sense of tragedy.
  • The convent, too, was calculated to awaken sad and solitary thoughts.

How To Use Awaken In A Sentence?

  • I then returned to the bed and endeavoured again, but fruitlessly, to awaken my cousin.
  • I would see no one, as if the sight of any human face must awaken a sense of shame.
  • He did not awaken Father Claude until long after the time for changing the watch.
  • Their behaviour throughout had been such as to awaken in my breast a feeling of the highest approbation.
  • This new or general sense seems only to awaken in exceptional cases and under peculiar circumstances.
  • The immediate causes which awaken the gift are of the most varied character, and often very curious.
  • They were beginning to awaken to the dangerous consequences of their shortcomings, but would time be given to them to repair them?
  • It was necessary to awaken in the lower ranks of the peasantry suspicion and hostility towards the speculating upper strata.
  • I may awaken in your mind ideas which have the same purpose and meaning, but they are new copies in your mind.
  • This heartless selfishness may well awaken resentment or contempt; but it ought not to excite surprise.
  • The impression appears to awaken neither displeasure nor pleasure; the perception seems now for the first time to be distinct.
  • Even the song of the tumbling creek, which coursed through the heart of the valley, was powerless to awaken discordant echoes.
  • Then came that hush of rest, that pause of preparation, as though night hesitated to awaken her countless myrmidons.
  • The gabled spire is almost unique in this country and will awaken memories of Alsace for those who know that land.
  • Soon after supper, the hands conducted him to bed, when he at once fell fast asleep, and did not awaken until late the next morning.
  • Now the Montenegrin moved softly toward the entrance to the cave, fearful at every step that he would awaken the sleepers.
  • Often did I resolve to awaken her to her danger; but so profound seemed her security, that my courage was unequal to the task.
  • Alone, and a prisoner, the first reflexion that found way through her disturbance, served less to diminish her terrour than to awaken new alarm.
  • In the meantime, Yussuf, who had fallen asleep over his wine, did not awaken till long after the sun was up.
  • I shall shock many honest souls by this confession, but I hope and believe that it may awaken and enlighten others.
  • Or shall it be her mission to awaken Europe to war against greed and avarice, hypocrisy and theft, robbery and violence?
  • It was enough to awaken in any human being a movement of horrified compassion; but my pity went out not to him but to Doña Rita.

Definition of Awaken

(transitive) To cause to become awake. | (intransitive) To stop sleeping; awake. | (transitive, figuratively) To bring into action (something previously dormant); to stimulate.
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