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  • Memory awakes in him when he is alone.
  • Suddenly he awakes with a start.
  • When it awakes we call it premonition.
  • Fleetfoot awakes and finds himself in his new home.
  • When he awakes he remembers that he fell forward.
  • She sleeps, but awakes a harlot.
  • Ligi awakes and finds child and his headband beside him.
  • Only, when morning comes again, he awakes stiff and sore.
  • A great, happy gleam awakes within his dark eyes.
  • Whatever awakes one part of the intelligence reacts on all its parts.
  • She awakes with the noise in the tomb and views the deadly situation.
  • He awakes with a shriek, and sits up with his back against the black rock.
  • When he awakes he will be out at sea, far out, and all sail set.
  • When, like a voice from heavenly lands, awakes the curfew bell.
  • She awakes in the morning, finding, to her horror, a corpse by her side!
  • The rising sun awakes the lily; each Is with his own contented.
  • Craosha awakes the bird Parodarsh, we are told in the book of the law.
  • It awakes no classical remembrances of Leonidas or Marathon.
  • Arion awakes with the morning's chime; Awakes, and planneth how to escape.

How To Use Awakes In A Sentence?

  • Chanticleer first awakes the echoes, in strenuous rivalry with stentorian peacocks.
  • When the soul of the world awakes to that, the day of deliverance shall have dawned.
  • The ardent yearning, which then awakes in the child, is the purest and deepest love.
  • And the amorous tale that awakes the ideas of twenty five, lulls old age to sleep.
  • A cat entering the room, however stealthily, in some awakes the most disagreeable feelings.
  • With bending lip awakes the vocal reeds, And the charmed ears of listening satyrs feeds.
  • In tender yielding unto me, A vast desire awakes and grows Unto forgetfulness of thee.
  • From time to time he awakes and looks to see if his sword has yet come out of a rock into which he had thrust it to the very hilt.
  • If he awakes before that portion of him has been returned, though he may live for a while, he will sicken and eventually die.
  • She looked at him with the face of one who awakes slowly to the full horror, the full dread, of her position.
  • The spectacle but too true of social infirmities troubles the sleep of the happy, and awakes with a start the drowsy hate of the unhappy.
  • Then the senior officer awakes from his pleasant slumber, makes a lot of new orders, and goes to sleep again.
  • One often awakes in the morning to see lizards upon his chamber wall, searching for flies and insects, upon which they feed.
  • Nay, fear not; when she awakes she will but laugh, for she bade me be sure to bring thee instantly, whether she slept or woke.
  • At midnight a messenger knocks at Zadig's door, awakes him, and gives him a note from the queen.
  • If she awakes before eight o'clock in the morning, tell her that she is to stay with your wife till I come to see her at nine o'clock.
  • Philosophy awakes in the spirit of governments and nations the wisdom to discern what is essentially and actually right and reasonable in the real world.
  • It is some time before he can pull himself together, and then the "Bewitched Maiden" awakes and addresses him bewitchingly.
  • But the conscience as well as the mind of Greece awakes at this period, and Greek religion becomes inspired with a deeper feeling.
  • The moon expands the lotus of the night, The rising sun awakes the lily; each Is with his own contented.
  • That hero has been mad and slain his own children; he has recovered and awakes to find himself bound to a pillar, with dead bodies that he cannot recognize round about him.

Definition of Awakes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of awake
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