Awaking In A Sentence

Definition of Awaking

present participle of awake | An act of awaking, or ceasing to sleep.

How To Use Awaking In A Sentence?

  • There was no awaking from this dream: the dreamer was not positive that he had been asleep.
  • At the first sign of his awaking she was on her feet with her hand upon the bell.
  • Sometimes on awaking she saw the stars, but they no longer brought tears to her eyes.
  • He did fire occasionally, with no other result than awaking the echoes and terrifying the rabbits.
  • In the immeasurable relief and the dread of awaking distrust, the deserter punished himself.
  • She was surprised on awaking to hear the slow old clock downstairs striking eight.
  • The woman trembled at the sound of his voice, as if she were awaking from a fearful dream.
  • Bloem passed a trembling hand before his eyes, as a man awaking from a horrid dream.
  • If we can only get inside the store without awaking him, we can manage him easy enough.
  • I found a little group of servants, very apologetic at awaking me without instructions.
  • The shock of awaking caused him to tremble like a leaf, but he soon recovered.
  • Then, awaking when the sun was high, the bewildered guests went about half dazed.
  • Only when they entered the Square did cheers and the buzzing of an awaking crowd break out.
  • Only now was Nettie awaking to the sense of what had happened, and its real importance.
  • On awaking next morning Comorre found that his wife had fled, and pursued her on horseback.
  • She then, like one awaking from sleep, opened her eyes, and when she saw Peter she sat up.
  • The awaking from this dream to the desolation around her was more terrible than all she had felt before.
  • It was all so quickly done that he blinked back at the sun in a daze as though awaking from some evil dream.
  • He brings so much strength from it to his bodies on awaking that he can once more dispense for a time with sojourning in the realm of harmony.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Awaking | Awaking Sentence

  • On awaking he was a different being.
  • His comrades were awaking and he turned to them.
  • My first thought on awaking was for the pelisse.
  • Neal fancied himself awaking from some hideous nightmare.
  • On awaking he partook of bread and milk.
  • And she looked like one awaking from a dream.
  • Perhaps they had killed my husband before awaking me?...
  • The awaking should be natural, gradual, and deliberate.
  • On awaking the next day, he arose and looked around.
  • On awaking I heard the sound of a piano.
  • On awaking next morning I was much better.
  • What is this shrill boy's voice awaking the village?
  • The jugi on awaking before sunrise found himself in a pitiable plight.
  • Having done so he stood for a moment like one awaking from a dream.
  • Later on he nodded, but found on awaking that the wind was decreasing.
  • On awaking the next morning, they all had pleasanter feelings.
  • But on awaking with the early dawn, his dream recurred to his mind.
  • When I have been awaking at night, it has not been far from my thoughts.
  • So must Cinderella have felt upon awaking after her first ball.
  • She felt alarmed, and gently awaking Simon, in a whisper told him to arise.
  • Along in the night Emmy Lou awaking found that she wanted a drink.

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