Awkward in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Awkward

1. He is awkward and blundering. 🔊

2. There was an awkward pause. 🔊

3. But their words were most awkward to my tongue. 🔊

4. One of the most awkward positions a person can be in. 🔊

5. You play with awkward weapons. 🔊

6. These here canoes are awkward things for a beginner. 🔊

7. Things were assuming an awkward and unexpected phase. 🔊

8. This girder is awkward to pack up and transport. 🔊

9. The fisherman made an awkward exit. 🔊

10. He looked down, and there was an awkward pause. 🔊

11. Tommy was dreadfully awkward about a boat, too. 🔊

12. The stiff, awkward figure had changed. 🔊

13. A gorgeous livery indicates new and awkward city wealth. 🔊

14. Jim was, in fact, getting to the awkward age with boys. 🔊

15. It would be awkward enough if they discovered their mistake for themselves. 🔊

How to use Awkward in Sentences?

1. Gray was very slow and awkward over his unaccustomed work; but tea was at last got ready. 🔊

2. But Curly stepped up and laid an awkward hand on the head of each of the twins. 🔊