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  • Both felt the awkwardness of the situation.
  • You can imagine the awkwardness this created.
  • They heal us of awkwardness by their words and looks.
  • But there is no awkwardness about Maria.
  • In a moment something of the awkwardness of the encounter occurred to him.
  • Its awkwardness is at first extreme and its power of imitation very imperfect.
  • What seemed awkwardness a moment ago was now perfected, automatic skill.
  • The camel was such a vision of homely awkwardness that Rick had to laugh.
  • A sense of awkwardness grew strong on me; I wanted to get out of the room.
  • After all, you won't have the awkwardness of putting her off.

How To Use Awkwardness In A Sentence?

  • My own situation was calculated to breed confusion in my thoughts and awkwardness in my gestures.
  • When she had sat down, he came with awkwardness and timidity and bent his face to hers.
  • The other point is well worn: but the wearing has not taken off its awkwardness and unsavouriness.
  • Construe it how one might, there would be at least some awkwardness in accepting such hospitality.
  • The brief moment of awkwardness passed before Joan was quite sure it had been there.
  • He, like the rest of us, at first exhibited the most energetic awkwardness in drilling.
  • We could go no farther that night, and I felt the awkwardness of my situation.
  • I had lost, I suppose, three or four minutes, and I was raging at my awkwardness and stupidity.
  • Pending the novitiate no word of love was permitted and any advancement might be lost through an awkwardness of speech or gesture.
  • There was an uncomfortable silence, the awkwardness of the man in the avowed affection of the undesired woman.
  • He had realized the possible awkwardness of the situation for her, and had been thoughtful enough to offer to call for her.
  • Arwed gave him his left hand, and the awkwardness with which he did it, drew the attention of his uncle to the fact.
  • The part of carpet-knight is not difficult to learn, and the awkwardness of it is to some extent atoned for when the service is constrained.
  • If there was any physical awkwardness about him, it was in the management of his long legs; but that difficulty was overcome by his simplicity.
  • Cornelius had never been addressed with so poetical a ceremonial, which nevertheless he received with awkwardness indeed, but with satisfaction.
  • When, however, he had had time to cool down a little, he began to feel the awkwardness of his position.
  • I observe the eager awkwardness with which he accomplishes the recognition, his carefulness in descending steps, and generally in his locomotion.
  • You could picture Sam standing in stupefied awkwardness before the amazing nothingness of such a message.
  • Twas padded also with great judgment, and really took off more of his round-shouldered awkwardness of figure than any coat he had ever worn before.
  • He got on to his feet, confused, troubled, pitying her profoundly and commiserating himself upon the awkwardness of the situation.
  • But it was awkwardness and astonishment, rather than insincerity, that made Marianne speak as she did.
  • I have offended more people in life by the awkwardness of my servants than I have done by all my proper shortcomings, which have not been few.
  • The lady of the house told me they preferred it, to avoid attention, and the awkwardness of position natural to their vocation, in society.
  • You who fear awkwardness on paper, remember that true human nature always appears well, even when poorly dressed.
  • I took refuge from the awkwardness of my situation in the only shop which was then within sight; and soon afterwards proceeded unmolested to my lonely home.
  • He would have been very angry, and awkwardness might have come of it, for those who were forced to live in proximity to this official upholder of righteousness.
  • To-night he began to appreciate the change in her, and he felt the awkwardness which always results from the discovery that we must adapt ourselves to a modified condition in a friend.
  • Olympia had ended her search in the basket and fastened a glance of satiric good humor upon the culprit, which did not tend to relieve the awkwardness of the moment.
  • He came close to her and drew her into his arms, tenderly and reverently, all his shyness and awkwardness swallowed up in the grace of his great happiness.
  • The very awkwardness with which such occurrences of difficulty are met by the earlier builder, marks his dislike of the system, and unwillingness to attract the eye to such arrangements.

Definition of Awkwardness

The state or quality of being awkward; clumsiness; unskillfulness. | The quality of an embarrassing situation.
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