Awls In A Sentence

Definition of Awls

plural of awl

How To Use Awls In A Sentence?

  • His awls were sharp, his lasts were new; he set up his stall in a neat cottage with two windows.
  • Scrub considered his lasts and awls better left behind, as without them, he concluded, no one would suspect him of being a cobbler.
  • The needles and awls in use are conveniently carried in some kind of metal tube, with wads of cork at either end, to preserve their points.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Awls | Awls Sentence

  • Stone awls or perforators.
  • Primitive copper knives and awls are also abundant.
  • They were more like awls and pins, than needles.
  • They were not so smooth nor so round as the awls she had made of bird's bones.

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