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  • Los azores abundaban.
  • Headed for the Azores.
  • She named them the Azores.
  • Thus it was that the Azores gained their reputation.
  • The frigate was at this time off the Azores.
  • Surely the Azores must be the true land of magic.
  • A Summer in the Azores.
  • Gonsalo Cabral re-discovers the Azores.
  • They even cruise as far as the Canaries and the Azores.
  • On fuci, Fayal, Azores.
  • Azores, 17.
  • He had come to the Azores in his search for the mysterious island.
  • The superdreadnaught halted but for an hour at a port of the Azores.
  • In connection with this, the chapter on the Azores should be read.
  • In the Azores there is a little bird which is loved and protected by every one.
  • In 1431 the Azores were discovered by a shipmaster of Bruges.
  • Everywhere first of all I have tried to keep the spirit of the Azores.
  • This was Alvarez, the son of a stone-cutter, and a native of the Azores.
  • The Congress at Vienna had decreed his transportation to the Azores.
  • At present the Azores belong to Portugal, which is at war with Germany.
  • At the Canaries, Madeiras, and the Azores, similar observations should be made.

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  • It is silence which teaches one the gift of fruitful words, they say in the Azores.
  • To this very day the island of Terceira is the only one in the Azores which has bull fights.
  • I had quarrelled with the Queen when that news arrived, and she had ordered me to the Azores.
  • Off the Azores, he hoisted Spanish colours, and succeeded in robbing some Spanish vessels.
  • With her they took several vessels of various nations at the Azores and Cape de Verd Islands.
  • On the West-India division, St. Thomas is the central depot, after touching at the Azores.
  • Contrary winds had forced him to alter his course to the Azores, where oranges and lemons had cured him of the scurvy.
  • On the hypothesis of the employment of this method, it would evidently be necessary to place our meridian at the Azores.
  • Now it is generally known in the Azores that if one does not want to keep up a quarrel it is well to pretend that his mouth is full of water.
  • In the early days when the Azores had just been discovered there were many Flemish settlers who came to the islands.
  • In the Azores I found that each peasant family endeavored to secure for one or more of its daughters the pride and glory of living unseen.
  • Berryman, of the United States Navy, in the North Atlantic, between Newfoundland and the Azores.
  • It had been my intention to sail into the latitude of the Azores, and then to return to Rio de Janeiro.
  • One fancies that it was in this spirit that he joined the expedition of Essex to Cadiz in 1596 and afterwards sailed to the Azores.
  • Take for instance the two peculiar orchids of the Azores (Habinaria species): what other mode of transit is conceivable?
  • With Essex he took part in a successful expedition to the Azores, where they captured many ships, and with him divided much booty and fame.
  • In form the two islands have a striking resemblance to Flores and Cordua, islands of the group of the Azores.
  • For the Azores the expense would be small, because of the proximity of the telegraphic cables; it would be much greater for Behring Straits.
  • To him the plains their verdure owe Confessing what your smiles bestow, Thou Peak of the Azores.
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