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  • She babbled on delightedly.
  • The children babbled of it on their way to school.
  • Tis ever taught and babbled in the schools.
  • She had babbled beyond measure in her transport.
  • All about ran a brook, and babbled to itself.
  • He gave gifts, and babbled in his sleep.
  • They babbled with each other, they drowsed, they dozed.
  • He babbled many things, his cheek pressed against hers.
  • Without waiting for an answer, however, Prue babbled on.
  • She babbled of her baby and her happiness at seeing it soon.
  • You would have laughed to hear how noisily it babbled about this accident.
  • Her reason had now entirely gone, and she babbled incessantly.
  • And the little brooks babbled wildly in their joy at the spring-time.
  • Roland babbled fervent assurances, and she pressed his hand gratefully.
  • The water babbled on between them, singing a little tinkling song all its own.
  • He babbled to some extent on that point when I was entertaining him.
  • I'd babbled Russian when I was delirious!
  • He babbled of nothing but Isuke and O'Iwa San.
  • The two hours' walk led through a wood where a brook babbled over the stones.
  • He raumed an' babbled all day long About the way to sing a song!

How To Use Babbled In A Sentence?

  • Then the old man babbled something and ran like one possessed into the shelter of the warehouse.
  • His face was perfectly white, but his eyes were full of gratitude as he babbled his thanks.
  • They vanished with the leaves that voyaged the brook, Which babbled of no story but its own.
  • But as long as Gizzard was able to keep his eyes open he babbled of things ever-glorious.
  • And it babbled all the way, As it ran to tell the river Of the coming of the May.
  • And it babbled all the way, As it ran to tell the river Of the coming of the May.
  • The M.C. babbled on, now about another present celebrity, a retired pugilist, once a champion.
  • And because he was such an intelligent listener and seemed to understand machinery so well these men babbled to him about their hobby.
  • On their right a thickly grown coppice stretched from the road to the stream that babbled in the hollow.
  • He gave himself up to the inevitable and fell into step alongside his companion who babbled aimlessly of trivial matters.
  • Normally, he imagined she would have babbled childishly of all her experiences, and have been insatiable in her demands for petting.
  • Nadine knelt down on the floor, so that her face was close to those unseeing eyes, and the mouth that babbled her name.
  • She drew him toward her on the low lounge, and exuberantly babbled on about the comfort, the delight his confidence had brought her.
  • He babbled in the forgotten terms of alchemy, dressing modern facts in the garments of mediaeval thought until they were scarcely to be recognised.
  • As David babbled on she kept her eyes averted, for she knew that in them her final withdrawal shone coldly.
  • The little brook babbled softly past us; the strong western light flashed upon the rain-drops among the leaves.
  • Mrs. Wellington straightened her spine and looked in hurt amazement at this inexperienced miss who babbled like an expert decorator.
  • A ramble in the woods one day brought us to the brink of a charming stream, whose pure, ice-cold waters babbled along most invitingly.
  • And babbled for the golden seal that hung From Allan's watch, and sparkled by the fire.
  • In one place, too, were Rapids, where the stream woke with a start from a dreamless brooding into foaming panic and babbled and hastened.

Definition of Babbled

simple past tense and past participle of babble
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