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  • Your sister has got a baby girl too.
  • The baby girl was indeed the heroine of the hour.
  • If only I could know where my baby girl is.
  • In due time I gave birth to a nice baby girl.
  • Furthermore, you're Pop Bybee's blue-eyed baby girl!
  • Silently he held out his arms and drew his baby girl into them.
  • Baby Girl is four years old and is the fattest little thing.
  • Little Martha was Mistress Dandridge's baby girl.
  • The baby girl in "The Princess" may be called the real hero of the tale.

How To Use Baby Girl In A Sentence?

  • Then they saw on the road-side a little baby girl that had been left by her parents.
  • He looked into the hollow log and there he found a dimpled baby girl wrapped in a bright red sash.
  • Caius took it, and saw that it was a picture of a baby girl, about three years old.
  • Frank, with the baby girl seated on his shoulder, stepped forward and extended his hand.
  • Anything to have her back, my baby, my little baby girl, gone these sixteen years!
  • She and her husband lived very happily together and rejoiced in the possession of a baby girl of great beauty.
  • The man laboured at day tasks, and the wife laboured as hard with him, bearing her baby girl on her back.
  • Joyful was Louis to accept the invitation and to bestow his mother's name on the baby-girl.
  • It was a beautiful baby girl, wrapped in elegant and costly cloth, and resting within a cradle overlaid in gold.
  • The baby girl eased the pain and homesickness in my bereaved heart, and Hilda would have none but me attend her.
  • But in that year they were very happy, never two happier, and when she slept away her suffering she left him, as a legacy, a tiny baby girl.
  • One baby-girl he had at home, and he went forth to find A little tree as small as she, just suited to his mind.
  • And so we understand what it meant to this young secretary when, upon landing in France, he got the cable telling of the death of his baby girl.
  • I lay at his feet on a bear-skin, I remember, reading by the light of the flames, when my aunt brought the baby-girl in.
  • When he reached the gate, the Lady of Ellangowan was dead, leaving him with a little baby girl less than an hour old.
  • And when Pastorella had answered her, she was quite satisfied that she was indeed the baby-girl for whom her heart had been so hungry through all those years.
  • She had Baby Girl on her lap and was giving the children their supper, but I noticed that she ate nothing.
  • Ere the frosts of autumn had robbed her garden of its glory, blighting sorrow had fallen upon her tender mother-heart in the death of a darling baby girl.
  • Yes, it was right to fight for his baby girl, his little Starr, his one treasure, and this boy had done it, given his life freely.
  • Baby Girl was only a few weeks old when the father went to Alaska, and I guess he's dead.
  • Could she blame her boy because he seemed to care so little for his parents and his home, when she had nursed her grief for the loss of her baby-girl, and taken no pains to be bright or cheerful with him?
  • And while the wind and rain without raved at door and window, a faint little cry within told that a new life had come to the world, a baby girl born in the midst of the storm.
  • It melted my heart, for I have a baby girl at home who says to the neighbors, "My daddy is the prettiest man in the world," and believes it.
  • Soon after her love disappointment she had written to her lawyer in London, who was named Jaggers, asking him to find a baby girl for her to adopt as her own.
  • The first days of December saw them all back in Sarrio, and a month later Ventura gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, pink and white like herself.
  • Among the anxious and bewildered people who thronged the nursery at this juncture was a young woman who acted as wet-nurse to the latest born of the Malmaisons, a baby-girl three months old.
  • The baby girl who had been born in the midst of sad surroundings only lived for a few months after her mother's death.
  • The Queen hastily opened the baskets, and found in each a lovely baby-girl, about the same age as the little Princess for whom she sorrowed so deeply.
  • I congratulate you upon yours--your baby-girl must be a dear forward little thing.
  • Then her mother put the doll in a box, packed the box in a trunk, and explained to Helen that the doll was to lie in that trunk until Helen had a little baby girl of her own.
  • As soon as a baby girl learns how to sew or knit or embroider, she brings to the Maid-Mother of all grace and sweetness and pity, the first piece that she has made successfully.
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