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  • Compare it with a Bach gigue.
  • Imagine how Bach would have set them.
  • Except maybe Bach fugues?
  • Why is Bach so valuable for the student?
  • Lieutenant Bach was on duty as his guard.
  • Indications of it in Bach are too often neglected.
  • The shape of the Bach fugue crashed to the ground.
  • More than this, Bach forces the student to think.
  • From Bach to Handel is an easy step in our discourse.
  • Now, Wagner can never have looked upon Bach as a modern.
  • Mrs. Sebastian Bach Simpson it was.
  • Even Sebastian Bach Simpson was in a softened mood.
  • I play Bach there, Beethoven and Brahms.
  • According to O. Bach (Year Book Pharm.
  • But here again we have not time to use as much of Bach as we should like.
  • His editions of Bach are masterpieces of technical and artistic erudition.
  • That Bach must have tried their patience sorely cannot be denied.
  • What ... when Bach has raised me to the heights of unselfishness!
  • And Bach is such a towering figure, such a rock of strength in musical art.
  • To give them Bach or Brahms at the outstart would be to irritate them.
  • The flood of Bach and Beethoven brought back the sense of proportion.
  • He used to bach with Nebraska Jones, didn't he?
  • Gud deyn, dawch Lard, bach lowch, banzoch a de".
  • Und der Bach rauscht den Hang herunter; r√§tselhaft, wie raunend.
  • He arrived on German soil at the moment when Bach died, July 28, 1750.

How To Use Bach In A Sentence?

  • With this improvement in his worldly prospects Bach deemed that he might prudently marry.
  • During two and a half centuries musical talents were inherited by members of the Bach family.
  • The genius of Bach was a mighty power working unseen, buried beneath a simple exterior.
  • Technically speaking, Czerny and Bach are of great value in correcting carelessness.
  • I emphasize the study of Bach merely because I find it is not pursued as much as it deserves.
  • I am afraid Henrietta was not always faithful to Bach and Beethoven in her voluntaries.
  • Why is it that the compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach are so useful in piano study?
  • It wouldn't be breakin' the Sabbath to mix up a bakin' for a poor ol' bach like you, would it?
  • She did not like recitative in music, and preferred Wagner and Tschaikowsky to Bach and Verdi.
  • But in 1776, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach composed symphonies in the modern one-movement style.
  • He called J. S. Bach the "father of music," and seemed to know every oratorio worthy of the name.
  • Students miss the soul of Bach because of the soulless, mechanical way in which they deface his legacy to them.
  • The man who says that he can no longer appreciate the music of Bach merely admits that he has never appreciated the music of any one.
  • Not much material could be worked out of this, and Bach has almost entirely set aside all adjuncts from the liturgy.
  • A brilliant company assembled, and at the appointed time Bach made his appearance; but his adversary had not arrived.

Definition of Bach

(US) To live apart from women, as during the period when a divorce is in progress. (Compare bachelor pad.) | (New Zealand, northern) A holiday home, usually small and near the beach, often with only one or two rooms and of simple construction.
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