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  • Now come along into the laboratory and watch my latest bacillus increase and multiply.
  • Very few human beings entirely escape infection from the tubercle bacillus at some time in life.
  • But a great number have neither resisted the bacillus of criticism nor left the churches to which they are attached.
  • The action of kephir in preventing intestinal putrefaction depends on the lactic acid bacillus which it contains.
  • Recent investigations point to the possibility of a special bacillus being the exciting cause, in some instances at least.
  • It is necessary to utter a word of warning as to certain forms in which the sour milk bacillus is being offered to the public.
  • This particular bacillus converts the starch of the potato into two-thirds alcohol and one-third acetone.
  • In tissue thus become necrotic the bacillus finds such unfavorable conditions of nourishment that it can grow no more and sometimes dies.
  • But, really, the horrors which the mind conjures up of the dangers of the bacillus in the future are demoralizing.
  • As previously mentioned a small proportion of all human beings that have suffered from typhoid fever become bacillus carriers.
  • The discovery of the bacillus of consumption by no means assured the cure of the disease; but it foretokened the time when a cure would be found.
  • Chantmesse and Widal record the results of their work as to what will most easily and effectively destroy the bacillus of diphtheria.
  • The great resemblance this colony bears to those formed by the granule bacillus from Yoghourt will be apparent.
  • It should be emphasized that in the case of the tubercle organism, no growth ever occurs in milk, but with the typhoid bacillus growth is possible.
  • One person may resist a cold germ or the influenza bacillus better than another, that is, it will cause him only a little discomfort.
  • Arrange illumination, etc., and select a solitary bacillus for observation, by the help of the 1/6-inch lens.
  • The most probable explanation is, that the culture is bad, the Bulgarian bacillus is not present, or if so, only in small numbers.
  • Prepare surface cultivations, on nutrient agar in a culture bottle, of the Bacillus mycoides, and incubate at 20 deg.
  • A very considerable proportion of the people that recover from typhoid fever still continue to harbor the typhoid bacillus in their urinary and gall bladders.
  • B. paratyphosus A. B. paratyphosus B. Bacillus cholerae suum (Hog Cholera).
  • In probably three fourths of all the cases of tuberculosis the predisposing factor which allowed the tubercle bacillus to grow in the tissues was the loss of weight or the being underweight.
  • If now one increased artificially in the vicinity of the bacillus the amount of necrotizing substance in the tissue, the necrosis would spread a greater distance.
  • The comma bacillus of Koch, and the typhoid fever germ of Eberth, are especially destroyed in normal gastric juice.
  • Thus it was absolutely proved, though the bacillus itself had not been found, that yellow fever is carried by mosquitoes, and is not carried by ordinary contagion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bacillus | Bacillus Sentence

  • The tubercle bacillus is the immediate exciting cause.
  • Does the tubercle bacillus attack other parts of the body?
  • Butter bacillus of Rabinowitch.
  • Fancy a live bacillus from Hong Kong!
  • The disease is due to the presence of the bacillus anthracis.
  • Surface colony of granule bacillus from calf's stomach.
  • Deep-lying colony of granule bacillus from calf's stomach.
  • Side by side, the two men hung over the bacillus and forgot the doubtings.
  • And now the mighty Hunger Bacillus stood alone, gloomy and defiant.
  • He discovered (with Joubert and Chamberland) the bacillus of malignant edema.
  • B. paratyphosus A. B. paratyphosus B. Bacillus cholerae suum.
  • I were infected with the bacillus of industry," broke out Ogilvy.

Definition of Bacillus

Any of various rod-shaped, spore-forming aerobic bacteria in the genus Bacillus, some of which cause disease. | Any bacilliform (rod-shaped) bacteria. | (by extension) something which spreads like bacterial infection
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