Back Up In A Sentence

How To Use Back Up In A Sentence?

  • Then he went back up the chimney when he had completed all the damage there was to be done.
  • The rector wanted him arrested, but he had no witnesses to back up his complaint.
  • We started back up the river being unable to pursue our course to the westward from want of water.
  • When he had gotten out of sight, he dismounted and began trailing him back up the mountain.
  • This young woman had real firmness of character to back up her free and independent judgments.
  • He ran back up the stairs and burst into the room he had just left, with an imprecation.
  • Dick left the hotel, but took out the case and examined it as he walked back up the street.
  • When she came running back up the steps and across the porch, she was wrapped in the cape.
  • He sold the horse too; trudged back up the hill and gave the fat purse to the priest.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Back Up | Back Up Sentence

  • How she floated back up the stairs!
  • He walked back up the street.
  • And then she started back up the hill.
  • I watched them go back up the road.
  • He started back up the path away from the beach.
  • We commenced feverishly to scramble back up the cliff.
  • He turned and walked thoughtfully back up the ravine.
  • Go back up a few feet and try to clear your ears.
  • As he spoke the leader of the band came back up the path.
  • The two men looked back up the wooden staircase.
  • Pike looked wistfully back up the Pass.
  • The Deacon picked up his gun and walked back up the bank.
  • If you'll back up to twelve dollars, I'll pay it.
  • If you do she may get her back up and not take you to the party at all.
  • There are always people ready to back up impatient suggestions!
  • I raised my legs and began to slide myself back up the branch.
  • There was plenty of sound logic to back up the urge to shoot.
  • The walk back up the mountain road was a long and tiring one.
  • The dam will become so dense that it will back up a great quantity of water.
  • Then they left me; and went back up the beach into the darkness.
  • But the girl shrank away from him with a sob and ran back up the hill.
  • It's a pleasurable sensation to back up right by might.
  • Here; let me lean my back up against this rock and sit quiet for a while.
  • The trip back up the river was finished also before it seemed hardly begun.
  • We couldn't back up on the trail, once we had started.
  • Quietly retreating the way she had come, she stole back up the long stairway.
  • So we'll drive 'em back up here and leave 'em.
  • He went back up and got a set of sheets and a towel, then made his bed.
  • Suddenly he gathered up his "smoking" and some food and ran back up the draw.
  • Miss Huntington turned and walked slowly back up to her room.
  • Harding turned away, somewhat red in face, and went back up the trail.

Definition of Back Up

(idiomatic, intransitive) To move backwards, especially for a vehicle to do so. | (idiomatic, transitive) To move a vehicle backwards. | (idiomatic, intransitive) To undo one's actions.
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