Backstairs In A Sentence

Definition of Backstairs

Secret or furtive. | Scandalous. | A staircase at the rear of a building or one normally only used by servants and tradesmen.

How To Use Backstairs In A Sentence?

  • She had in fact stolen down the backstairs on that account, and gone out the south door in order that her mother should not see her.
  • Keep a good heart, even if you have to knock in vain at many doors, and kick about the backstairs of the house of letters.
  • All this time he was fighting a desperate battle against backstairs influences, which with true instinct were deprecating and counteracting his schemes of aggrandizement and national reorganization.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Backstairs | Backstairs Sentence

  • She was growing significant in the backstairs of politics.
  • His intellect was too big to climb backstairs till opportunity came.
  • Then up the cavernous backstairs came the peal of the front door bell.

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