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  • Tim showed me to a half-assembled backup terminal.
  • Now she was off to restore herself from a backup made before she met me.
  • You were restored from a backup about eight weeks ago, I see.
  • They recovered me from backup and into a force-grown clone at Toronto General.

How To Use Backup In A Sentence?

  • Plan a murder, kill yourself, have yourself refreshed from a backup made before the plan.
  • My next-most-recent backup was three years old, dating from the completion of my second symphony.
  • The stations with System 7 were programmed to switch over to a backup net in case of any problems.
  • I had prepared a written synopsis of the events since her last backup for her, and she read it over the next couple days.
  • In those days, making a backup was a lot more complicated; the procedure took most of a day, and had to be undertaken at a special clinic.
  • The Internet Archive is the backup distribution site and provides unlimited disk space for storage and processing.
  • As far as I knew, I'd laid down in the backup clinic one moment and arisen the next.
  • By cutting out the backup safety network entirely, they were able to reduce the frenzy of "OK" messages by about half.
  • A few days of "unconsciousness" while they decanted my backup into my new body, a merciful gap in memory from my departure at the backup terminal up until my death.
  • He told me that Julius would make a backup a few minutes before I shot him, and that he could get me out of the Park without getting caught.

Definition of Backup

Standby, reserve or extra. | (computing) That is intended as a backup. | Misspelling of back up.
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