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  • She flew across the backyard to the big pear-tree.
  • Was it that dark, little house in the far backyard that flamed?
  • Lord, we shall be quarreling like a couple of backyard dames next ...

How To Use Backyard In A Sentence?

  • Is the front appearance that of a dandy while the backyard looks like a slattern?
  • I was a suburban backyard gardener for five years before deciding to homestead.
  • My brothers built a wooden platform in the backyard and we had a tent on it for several summers.
  • A large rotten tree limb had been ripped from the backyard maple and now lay across the driveway.
  • Procuring a spade, I soon located the grave in what had been the backyard and began digging.
  • Perhaps you're a backyard gardener and the municipality temporarily restricts usage.
  • Only the dutiful crowing of backyard roosters and the occasional baying of a hound broke the stillness.
  • Dearest sublime Alice, your details of feeding the hungry and sleeping in the backyard bring tears to my eyes.
  • These pigheads had never thought to question his presence in the backyard of the house in Seventy-ninth Street.
  • The fox now told him that there was a vault in his backyard which he ought to open; and when he did so he found therein more than a hundred strings of cash.
  • There was Ann, the fumble-witted, who piled the backyard high with broken china, yet stayed not her hand when rebuked therefor.
  • A related problem many backyard gardeners have with establishing the winter and overwintered garden is finding enough space for both the summer and winter crops.
  • I remember that we once had a huge alligator take temporary lodgings in the backyard of the hotel after he had travelled no one knows how many miles through the inundated forest.
  • That backyard of yours is a wonder, but I sadly miss the appropriate ash-heaps, tin cans, old packing-boxes, and so forth.
  • The backyard water-wise gardener, then, must logically ask which vegetable species will give him enough food or more economic value with limited space and water.

Definition of Backyard

A yard to the rear of a house or similar residence. | (colloquial) A person's neighborhood, or an area nearby to a person's usual residence or place of work and where the person is likely to go. | (colloquial) An area nearby to a country or other jurisdiction's legal boundaries, particularly an area in which the country feels it has an interest.
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