Bacteriological In A Sentence

Definition of Bacteriological

Of or pertaining to bacteriology.

How To Use Bacteriological In A Sentence?

  • Cotton is used extensively in bacteriological laboratories as a filter of liquids and gases.
  • Other tests for the bacteriological condition of milk will be described in Chapter IX.
  • A practical handbook for those engaged in the chemical and bacteriological examination of milk for public health purposes.
  • Treated water is always tested by the starch-iodide method and a bacteriological examination is frequently made by mobile laboratories.
  • The effect of sodium chloride on the bacteriological results, like that on the hydrolytic constant, is anomalous.
  • He also stated that the bacteriological experiments of American workers were open to criticism and that they employed antiquated methods.
  • For bacteriological purposes, sections of tissue are most conveniently prepared by either the ~freezing method~ or the ~paraffin method~.
  • This machine, to be of real service in the bacteriological examination of milk, must conform to the following requirements: 1.
  • It is simply the light that bacteriological advance has made during the last two decades that enables us to make the statement with such feelings of assurance.
  • Microscopes, bacteriological apparatus and all other scientific instruments or preparations expressly imported for use in educational institutions are exempt from duty.
  • The equipment of the bacteriological laboratory, so far as the glass apparatus is concerned, differs but little from that of a chemical laboratory, and the cleanliness of the apparatus is equally important.
  • In order to obtain a working average of the bacteriological flora of a sample, ten oysters should be taken and the body, gastric juice and liquor should be thoroughly mixed before examination.

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