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How To Use Badge In A Sentence?

  • To-day there are only a few hundred men entitled to wear what now amounts to a badge distinction.
  • Our ancestors thought they were acting benevolently in putting badge dresses on charity children.
  • But he was suffering little pain, and reckoned the bandage upon his arm a badge of distinction.
  • The white stone referred to in Revelation was an emblem of pardon and a badge of friendship.
  • Study as well as morality, having been the badge of the Puritan, was out of fashion.
  • They have no Indian taste for a tomahawk-dance, no French taste for a badge or a proclamation.
  • The Silver Crescent is a well-known crest or badge of the Northumberland family.
  • The badge of the Ranger caught the sun's light and sent it sparkling into Tonto's eyes.
  • Indeed, one may say that bad spelling was, like the 'white rose,' a badge of the Jacobite party.
  • These were dressed in the fantastic regalia of the order and bore tremendous spears as the badge of their office.
  • One of them wore a badge that stamped him as an official of some kind, and he was evidently in command of the party.
  • Does it matter to them or to this committee that I wear the badge of a service that they do not understand?
  • Each man had a badge showing the number of the boat to which he was assigned, and a boat list was posted in three different places in the ship.
  • Now it seems as if the end of my services for her is at hand; perhaps this uniform which I am wearing will be the badge of shame.
  • Ada, feeling that the bride was eclipsed, pretended that her wedding ring was hurting her, and drew all eyes to that badge of honour.
  • Gusterson prepared to jump, but Fay grabbed him with one hand and with the other held up toward the wall a badge and a button.
  • I now, therefore, gave them several implements, sundry pieces of iron hoop, and an ornamental badge of copper.
  • His pride in wearing the Ranger badge was tempered by the loss of Tonto's companionship.
  • Fay, tucking away his badge and pancake phone, dropped the button in Gusterson's vest pocket.
  • The sufferance, which is the badge of the Jew, has made him, in these days, the ruler of the rulers of the earth.
  • Like Demeter, she was strangely associated with the harmless necessary sow, badge of many earth-mothers, and itself typical of fertility.
  • Moreover, the underlying idea is not made clear that such clothes bear no resemblance to the meaningless uniforms which are badge and symbol of service.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Badge | Badge Sentence

  • It was no longer the badge of inferiority.
  • A miracle is the badge and brand of fraud.
  • Keep your badge out of sight, too.
  • I have his collar badge C10.
  • Now, sir, have you a police badge hidden inside your coat?
  • Sufferance is the badge of all our tribe, Act i.
  • Two men wearing the Red Cross badge bent over it.
  • All these recitals of soldiers are stamped with the red badge of courage.
  • He wore a seersucker coat with a nickel badge pinned on the lapel of it.
  • Ho thou, with the courier's badge on thine arm!
  • This is the badge as I've got on me at this minnit.
  • The red and white ribbon on his cap was the badge of the Czechs.
  • The famous badge Clorinda us'd to wear.
  • Then the Texan dropped the badge into the hollow he had made, and covered it.
  • It was his father's badge of the Order of the Cincinnati.
  • It shall be like a badge in my helmet, by-and-by, when I enter the lists.
  • The badge of the Grand Army of the Republic is a certificate of merit.
  • My ring is the badge of my loyalty--not yours.

Definition of Badge

(transitive) To mark or distinguish with a badge. | (transitive) To show a badge to. | (transitive) To enter a restricted area by showing one's badge.
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