Baffling In A Sentence

How To Use Baffling In A Sentence?

  • This was what he seemed to have discerned all the time, and what had been baffling him.
  • There was a baffling suggestion of unreality about him that made him almost a stranger.
  • Somehow he sensed the flexible steel behind which lay the soul of this baffling girl.
  • The baffling evanescence of dreams caught sight of on awakening is familiar to every one.
  • Those baffling eyes of his twinkled with quiet amusement, and the man in bed resented it.
  • Is he a mystery, a complex, or a racial conundrum defying analysis and baffling understanding?
  • Everybody is fighting or flying, plotting or baffling plots, doing or hindering overt wrong.
  • A fine baffling mist was falling, however, and this was condensing into a heavy fog.
  • It felt better, too, getting my mind off this completely baffling puzzle even for a moment.
  • The Federals are as well pleased, and all the ship-owners at the baffling of the corvette.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Baffling | Baffling Sentence

  • What a baffling person!
  • It was a baffling problem.
  • Then he smiled at her with baffling humour.
  • The baffling silence continued.
  • He is a baffling study in psychology.
  • She shook her head with baffling promptitude.
  • I had shown in baffling the enemies of peace.
  • Sally was a baffling creature ...
  • That baffling question haunted him a week.
  • The car darted past them with baffling speed.
  • This man will balk us with his baffling prate.
  • In fact, comets are very baffling to astronomers.
  • It certainly was a trying, baffling situation.
  • Mr. Epstein is a baffling artist.
  • I will do what I can in baffling pursuit of thee.
  • They had the baffling trick of changing while he watched them.
  • Indeed she is one of the most strange and baffling figures in our literature.
  • An analysis of the principal character is a most baffling task.
  • The work of this writer is the most baffling with which this book has to deal.
  • Charlie's were lit by a curious baffling irony.
  • I blinked my eyes and peered hard through the baffling yellow glare.
  • There was a baffling note in his tone, and she glanced up involuntarily.
  • He made a few baffling passes with his hands and produced the ball of string.
  • Martin leaned over the capstan, peering into that baffling gloom.
  • The light winds and baffling calms kept both fleets idle for a day.
  • It is, no doubt, very baffling to judge how rightly to think about it.
  • The thing remains as secret, as recondite, as baffling as ever.
  • The course of the negotiations was at first most baffling to the Americans.
  • Horne Fisher looked at the young man with a baffling expression.
  • After that came several days of light, baffling winds, alternating with calms.

Definition of Baffling

puzzling and frustrating | present participle of baffle | An act of foiling or thwarting.
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