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How To Use Bagging In A Sentence?

  • But bagging these gorgeous apartments does not constitute the real joy of flat-hunting.
  • Bluff had been told about the chances for bagging a bear, but he did not seem to care much about it.
  • It is commonly believed that bagging as well as emasculation may seriously affect the yield from controlled pollination.
  • Emasculation and bagging was done at the beginning of anthesis, that is, when the first unisexual male catkins began to shed pollen.
  • They stuck to the bagging of pelts and antlers for a week or so; then a threatening morning came along and the bank president suggested poker.
  • The junior monks or 'chelas' would assist in bagging the flour, and in carrying it down to the place where the mules were waiting for it.
  • The bagging trousers and the blunt-toed shoes of his companion were to Robert Macklin a distinct shock.
  • The idea of being led up to the Doctor with Arthur for bagging fowls quite unmans and takes half the run out of him.
  • He had succeeded in bagging two gemsbok to the westward of Lopepe, and, after breakfast, was riding out in search of hartebeest.
  • Beside the direct pleasures of the chase and the bagging of game, there are many incidental pleasures in such a hunting expedition.
  • Before the final bagging they are carefully hand rubbed in order to remove the adherent gums and fibrous matters that did not pass off in the primary fermentation.
  • If we had been sportsmen, we should have found full as varied a field for the bagging of game as for that more spiritual hunt after new ideas and sensations in which we were engaged.
  • Truth to tell, he secretly considered that his chums were having more than their share of good luck in making a record at bagging game, and thought it time he started in.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bagging | Bagging Sentence

  • In that case he might count on bagging them both.
  • On all other trees the effect of bagging was more or less adverse.
  • It's like your cheek, bagging our room.
  • And he had come mighty close to bagging the old cock-bird, too.

Definition of Bagging

present participle of bag | bootstrap aggregating
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