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  • Both these animals which made homing movements had been removed in cloth bags from their homes.
  • At normal times such bags are made up only for the night mail and heaviest despatches.
  • To meet the altered circumstances, revised sacking of bags had to be resorted to.
  • A few goats and cattle stood in the enclosures, and bags of grain were in plenty.
  • Nancy applied ice caps and hot-water bags to the afflicted areas without avail.
  • She was travelling quite alone, and appeared to be much hampered by her bags and parcels.
  • The combined weight of the saddle, bridle and saddle bags did not exceed thirteen pounds.
  • As it was, however, we escaped with a little damage to the lower bags of flour only.
  • So his wife brought him two full bags of gold, and the giant began to count his money.
  • He adjusted the gap, so as to get the best spark, then laid the pack bags over the instruments.
  • He drew the pack bags from the wireless instruments and sat down, watch in hand, beside them.
  • In the lee of this the bags were stretched upon the ice and with their skin clothes on they crawled into them.
  • Pack them with anything you please, and follow us down to the dock with both bags when we leave here.
  • When he reached a suitable landing-place he took his bags of seeds on his back and trudged through the forest.
  • Even the expedient of putting specially-lettered neck-labels on the bags to indicate their contents is adopted.
  • Then the two boys rolled themselves in their blankets, put their pack bags under their heads and were asleep almost instantly.
  • And there's a cave here where maybe he sleeps, 'cause there's some bags for beds in it.
  • It cannot be used the first year, and improves with age, being preserved in bags sewn up in raw hide.
  • A number of bags filled with wheat had been stolen from a neighboring house, and the police were unable to discover the hiding-place.
  • It begins to grow warm in the church, and a number of women open their vanity bags and duck down for stealthy dabs at their noses.
  • The bags are then replaced and permanently removed when danger of outcrossing is eliminated, in this case 10-14 days after the last pollination.
  • George, startled from a momentary profundity of sleep, staggered to his feet, and clutched at various bags and rugs.
  • And he dragged from under the bed a big trunk, in which were five canvas bags of various sizes, packed full and tied tightly.
  • As he talked he kept stroking his beard, and directing sullen glances at the crew, who were still working hard at hoisting in the bags of copra.
  • On that occasion, after he recovered consciousness, he got together some of his mail bags and carried them on to Bristol.
  • I used polyethylene bags on chestnuts early in the season, and practically every one grew, but everything else that was out in the hot sun boiled.
  • There are the bones of a camel in a cave I did not show you, and beside the camel are the leather bags still in which the oil was carried.
  • He dashed up the narrow stairs, floundered through the back garret, over bags and boxes and heaps of mingled commodities, and threw up the sash.
  • In the opposite direction fifty mail bags are received from London daily, containing about 30,000 letters.
  • In a few moments all the grain was ground, and the Miller was on his way to deliver the bags to neighbor Huss.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Bags | Bags Sentence

  • A brace of bags of gold.
  • They are no prophets; they are bags of wind.
  • The Eskimos possessed sleeping bags of their own.
  • The custom was to pack the dollars in little bags of a hundred each.
  • Lumley's eyes turned involuntarily to the bags at his side.
  • She made little bags of lavender to scent the great cabinet.
  • I don't know how many bags each case would hold.
  • The money bags were all gone, leaving me literally penniless.
  • The deerskin sleeping bags were unlashed and the sledge turned upon its side.
  • Mr. Weatherley had lost flesh and there were bags under his eyes.

Definition of Bags

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of bag | plural of bag | (slang) Trousers.
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