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  • At one point we had a full view of Arayat, at another of Santo Tomas, near which we had passed yesterday on coming down from Baguio.
  • On July 24, at three o'clock in the afternoon, they anchored in the port of Palapag, where they suffered from a baguio.
  • One passes southward through Baguio in Benguet Province and then stretches westward, terminating on the coast at San Fernando, in Union Province.
  • Accordingly, our mounts and kit having been sent on a day or two in advance, we set out from Baguio in motor-cars, April 26, at eight A.M., of an extraordinarily fine day.
  • Baguio is known as much rainier than many other places in the Cordillera Central, yet it must be taken as more or less typical of the entire mountain area of northern Luzon, throughout which the rainy season is very uniform.
  • Buitenzorg--the name means "free from care"--is to Java what Simla is to India, what Baguio is, in a lesser degree, to the Philippines.
  • There would have been nothing shameful in the overlooking--there were seventeen other persons sharing the same abode--were it not that the nipa front of this human hive had been blown away by the last baguio, leaving an unobstructed view of the interior, if it might be called such.
  • A cura told me that after a man had paid him the burial expenses a baguio or hurricane began; whereupon the man came to get his money, saying that he wished the burial of a pauper, because in the end, no one would have to see it."
  • Almost never does the Bontoc man appear heavy or thickset, as does his brother, the Benguet Igorot -- the human pack horse seen so constantly on the San Fernando-Baguio trail -- muscularly one of the most highly developed primitive people in the world to-day Of thirty-two men measured from Bontoc and vicinity the shortest was 4 feet 9 1/8 inches and the tallest was slightly more than 5 feet 9 inches.
  • On the very day that this passage was translated and this note written, the first commercial liner was tied up at the new docks, which have destroyed the Malecon but raised Manila to the front rank of Oriental seaports, and the final revision is made at Baguio, Mountain Province, amid the "cooler temperatures on the slopes of the mountains."
  • However, scientific observations have been made and recorded for a series of about ten years at Baguio, Benguet Province, at an altitude of 4,777 feet, and it is from the published data there gathered that the following facts are gained.[7]

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  • It was full of the water of the last baguio.
  • Here we left our mounts to Doyle, who was to return with them to Baguio.
  • Part First, The Climate of Baguio (Benguet), by Rev. Fr.
  • We set out from Baguio.--
  • We set out from Baguio.--Pangasinan Province.--
  • ya cha-kim Storm, heavy prolonged (baguio) Lim-lim Sun

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